Central America is home to a variety of animals and birds. There are various areas and places in Central America where you can experience and watch the actual wildlife. It is very exotic and beautiful to see wildlife in Central America because it is different from the other parts of the world.  Different animals are living in the tropical parts of Central America, which are very different from the animals we see around. The wildlife in Central America is worth the visit if you want to watch different animals in their habitats.

Here are the top 5 destinations for wildlife in Central America:

1 Belize:

Wildlife in Central America

Belize is known as a place which is famous for diving, but there is much more around the water to see than just concentrating on diving. It is a small country, but it has a variety of wildlife around, and all these species are unique. Belize has more than 56 species of snakes in the region, and 8 of them are dangerous for humans. It’s very easy to spot birds and reptiles in the lowlands in Belize. The country also is home to big cats like pumas, cheetahs and much more. Belize has the best type of underwater world as it has more than 300 varieties of fishes.

2 Nicaragua:

wildlife in central america

Nicaragua has vast biodiversity living in the area, and the other wildlife lives in the protected areas of the country. The country has lots of lakes and oceans which gives mammals and water animals a lot of support to be around. It is a fascinating place to visit because of the vast diversity, but the country is also one of the poorest in Central America. You can find many kinds of monkeys and reptiles in Nicaragua.

3 Costa Rica:

Wildlife in Central America

Costa Rica is known to have more than 850 species in total. It is very impressive to go to Costa Rica and see the wildlife around. There are a variety of birds, cats, animals, snakes, monkeys and much more. Costa Rica also has a lot of national parks, reserves and much more, which makes it really colorful and green around. The peak time to visit Costa Rica is from December to February as a lot of animals come in the open, and it’s the best season to see a variety of birds around.

4  Guatemala:

Wildlife in Central America

Guatemala is home to 95 different species and 400 types of birds. It has a very rich vegetarian which makes it green around. The best time to see different species in Guatemala is from November to April. The climate during this time is nice, and you can spot a lot of animals around.

5 El Salvador:

wildlife in america

El Salvador is one of the most densely and smallest countries in Central America. It has a tropical climate which makes it favorable for wildlife. El Salvador has a lot of trees and landscapes, which makes it have a rich diversity. There are around 500 species of birds and more than 1000 species of butterflies around.