In between the hassle of traveling, packing stuff and hauling your luggage, it is important to look well-dressed because everyone wants those perfect pictures in their favorite place to be clicked. As much as it is fun to wear, it is confusing to decide because the fact that comfort is more important, cannot be denied. Park all your worries here and let us help you decide the best ways to get perfect outfits for your trip.  

Tips to travel comfortable and dress well simultaneously

wear on travel days

  1. You need to initially put down your clothes in coordinating colors. For example, take 3 sets of clothes which are matching to each other with respect to colors so that you can later on mix match to create multiple outfits to wear every different day on your trip. A piece of small advice is that any combination of white, navy, black and charcoal is suitable for each other.
  2.  You need to minimize the number of shoes you are going to take. 3 pairs of shoes are more than enough. You can take like one pair of slippers, one pair of low boots or sandals depending upon your destination and one pair of sports shoes or exercise sneakers. The plus point is that all of the branded sports shoes are easily foldable and can easily fit into your bag. It is always superior to ditch your heels and choose comfort over it during travel days.
    wear on travel days
  3. Accessories play a major role in all the girls who love jewelry. It’s better to keep common color earrings that can go with most of the outfits. You can also take one pair of oversized earrings so that you can wear them with your best dress on the day when you want to look extra good and unique. Whereas men or the people who don’t like jewelry or have nothing to do with it can always keep some bright-colored socks of cool patterns just to add up to the whole appearance or can even choose to look simple with perfectly coordinated outfits.
  4. If there’s a plan for a formal evening during your trip you can carry one flexible royal dress that you always wanted to wear on some occasion. It should be the one which does not occupy a lot of space in your suitcase and is flexible enough to comfort you while wearing it so that you don’t feel bulky. Similarly, men can carry their precious tuxedo for the same occasion.

You can always choose to look fashionable but not over comfort. Whereas, you need to figure out how to manage both at the same time with the help of points mentioned above. It’s more important to avoid things like complicated shoes, a strong fragrance perfumes, provocative outfits, and expensive jewelry.


wear on travel days

Fortunately, it is easy to travel with the most comfortable clothes and being fashionable at the same time. There’s a Stylist hidden inside you, get that out and wear your best.