Are you planning a trip to Crater Lake? Well, I could sense a positive response through your presence in this article. A trip to crater lake could be the best experience of your life as it might be fascinating and refreshing. Crater lake in the national park becomes a wonderland in winter as it features beautiful snow-filled landscapes and views that you would never want to miss out on. 

Hence, it would help if you never missed such opportunities, as they don’t come frequently. Also, you must know entirely what all activities can you do at the crater lake. We will discuss the Things to Do in Crater Lake in Winter for the most extraordinary experience in the sections below.

Things To Carry At Crater Lake

  • It would be best for you to be prepared with certain things while going on a trip to the crater lake.
  • The primary thing that you must wear is your winter parka with sorel snow boots and crampons
  • You will always require an extra camera battery on your trip
  • Most importantly, your phone’s battery could be dead at any moment, so make sure to carry with you the mobile power bank
  • Dry bags are also a must to carry at crater lake.

Top 5 Things You May Do At Crater Lake In Winter

1. Sledding

It is a popular winter sport that mostly the children play at crater lake. You may also do sledding for fun on a gradual and flat landing slope at a suitable pace. Along with this, there are even other locations where you could enjoy sledding.

2. Tubing

Tubing is more exciting and a bit similar to sledding that you must do in the crater lake. Also, you must avoid bumps and trees on the way and choose the location wisely for a better experience.

3. Downhill and Cross- Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing around Rim Drive could be the most fantastic option for you to get the most unforgettable and memorable experience. You may also take about 3-4 days in completing the loop.  However, it is also vital for you to choose wisely the path that goes along with the forest for the best moments.

4. Ranger-led Snowshoe Walks

Things to Do in Crater Lake in Winter


Crater lake receives 43 feet of snow every year during winter, and it may be great for you to go for snowshoe walks here. It is a lot more adventurous, and you should be wearing warm clothes along with water-resistant shoes.

5. Crater Lake Snowmobiling

In the crater park, you could rent the snowmobiles and start your fantastic tour through Oregon woods. Snowmobiling is the most popular sport that you must never miss at crater park in winter. Also, you must be aware of the condition of the trail routes to prevent any problems.

The Bottom Line

Crater lake in winter could be the perfect traveling spot for you to have the best experience and adventure of your life. Also, if you’re a skier or a snowshoer, you must visit this ideal place for a leisure hiking experience.