Jamaica is a country in the Caribbean, and it is known for its reef lines, mountains and beaches. There are many fabulous resorts in Jamaica, and it is a popular place for vacations. You can relax on the beaches and get away from your routine life for a while. It’s always sunny, which gives you the advantage to sit on the beach with a glass of drink and enjoy the view around. There is a lot to see in Jamaica, but here is a list of things not to do in Jamaica so that your vacation goes amazing. 

1. Don’t explore the city in a cab: 

Not to do in Jamaica

People usually think that travelling in a taxi is the best way to explore a new city, but it’s not true because in Jamaica the private cabs are really expensive even if there is a culture of bargaining. It makes no sense to pay a hefty amount to travel from one place to another in a private cab. So, you can rent a car and travel in Jamaica because it will make more sense. 

2. Don’t go unplanned: 

Not to do in Jamaica

Never go unplanned to Jamaica as it is imperative to plan and choose a resort before going there. The location helps in deciding the things that you will do around the area, that’s why it is essential to plan everything beforehand and then choose the location. 

3. Don’t carry expensive things around: 

Not to do in Jamaica

It is one of the most important things to avoid in Jamaica. While going out to explore the city, make sure that you do not carry expensive items with you because it can lead to petty crimes. Make sure that you leave your valuable gadgets and jewellery in the hotel vault safely before coming out. 

4. Avoid using American Dollars: 

Not to do in Jamaica

One of the things to avoid in Jamaica is not to use American dollars. Make sure to get your American dollars converted into the local currency in Jamaica because there are places in here which do not accept payment in other currencies. You will get stuck in such places if you do not have the local currency with you, so it is essential always to have Jamaican currency while travelling to the place. 

5. Don’t be alone with the hotel staff: 

things not safe for tourists

The hotel staff in Jamaica are friendly, but it is suggested to not stay with them alone, especially female travellers. There is nothing wrong with the hotel staff, but it is vital to take precautions for your safety because, over the years, there have been some cases of harassment here. Always be close to the group that you are travelling with. It is essential to keep in mind that this is one of the essential things to avoid in Jamaica

6. Don’t be full of grumpiness: 

things not safe for tourists

Jamaica is filled with people who always see the positive side of everything, so it is important not to sulk or have an uptight attitude because no one would want a grump tourist around them.

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