Death Valley is one of the largest, craziest, and most popular destinations that feature various national parks in the United States. If you’re looking forward to planning a trip to death valley park, then be ready to get the most exciting and beautiful experiences at the destination during the winters.

 Although death valley remains hottest during summers and has 134 degrees temperature, it is still the most fantastic place to have an adventurous experience during the winters. In the sections below, we will discuss for you the most extraordinary Things to Do in Death Valley in Winter.

What Should You Consider while Going In Death Valley In Winters?

  • Since the temperature at night in Death valley becomes extremely cold, you must wear your hiking boots and warm clothes to protect yourself
  • Make sure that you apply enough sunscreen when exposed to the sun
  • Always carry a water jug with you that is also reusable and help you stay hydrated
  • To protect your head from heat, you must wear long pants and light-colored clothes

Things You Must Do In Death Valley

1. Go For A Drive In Death Valley

Things to Do in Death Valley in Winter

Death valley has various driving routes, where you can go in winters like Zabriskie Point, Dante’s view, and Twenty mule canyon. These routes mainly end in front of the park visitor center in Furnace Creek.

2. Death Valley Winter Hiking

Hiking in winters is highly popular in Death valley, and you should visit the different hiking trails in the national park. The moderate hikes include willow canyon, darwin falls, Dante’s ridge, etc. On the other hand, you may also go for more challenging walks at telescope peak, Panamint dunes, Wildrose peak, etc. Your trip could be the most amazing and worth remembering during winters with such amazing hikes.

3. Winter Campaign

The campaign is also exciting at the death valley, and you must have your tent camps at Thorndike, Wildrose, Mahogany Flat, and Emigrant for the most amazing view and stay.

4. Gaze At The Sky

Winter offers you optimal shooting, and you would love the view of the sky. Photography could also be an excellent option for you to capture such beautiful moments and you won’t experience stargazing like this anywhere else.

5. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

You could have a deep walk at the dunes for a lovely experience at the death valley national park. These flat dunes cover a larger area, and you may take about half an hour to complete your walk over these dunes.

The Bottom Line

Hiking and landscape views during winters are perfect for making your vacation the most enjoyable and adventurous. Death valley national park is the best driving park that can make your visit the most memorable one by offering you various options to enjoy your trip. 

Also, make sure that you visit death valley park during winters for the best time of your life. Also, you won’t want to miss out on the exciting activities, so you must go through the activities mentioned above that you must do there.