Madrid is known for world-class football, night scenes, fantastic food, but it is also a fun place to visit during winter. The culture and history of this city are worth knowing about. There are plenty of things that you can do in Madrid during winter, and it is a fun time to visit the city. Here are some things in this guide that will tell you more about the things you can do in Madrid during winter

  • See the Christmas vibes in the city by foot or bus: 

You can take a bus or explore the city on foot during the festive season. The city takes Christmas lighting very seriously, and it looks amazing during the festive seasons. Cultural artists are appointed to do the stress art differently every year, and the lights are turned on around 6 pm every day. The lights stay on till 6 am on New Year’s Eve, and it is a fantastic sight. You can explore the city on foot or take a bus and see the streets decorated with lights and art. 

  • Watch the Three Kings Parade: 

Madrid during winter

Christmas traditions are very different in every country. The US considers the 25th an important day, while Europe considers the 24th evening a vital time to celebrate Christmas. 6th January is regarded as an important Christmas day in Spain because it is symbolic of the Three Kings’ arrival to meet the Baby Jesus and get some presents for him. The Spanish children receive their Christmas gifts on the 6th because of the Three Kings’ arrival the night before that. The festival takes place during the same time because of the belief. 

  • Enjoy the Serrano Ham in Madrid during winter

Spain is known for its ham and Jamon Serrano being the one that is available almost everywhere. You can have these sandwiches at the airport also. There are various shops in the city which will have the famous ham because of the popularity around. It is also very famous during the Christmas dinners as families make this as the Christmas delicacy and it is also one of the best things you can eat during that time. 

  • Explore the Christmas markets in Madrid during winter

Madrid during winter

The Christmas markets are very popular as they have a long history in the city. The first Christmas market was put up in the 17th century in Madrid city, and after that, it became a tradition in the city to start putting up the Christmas market at the end of the year. You can find various things in the market from trinkets gifts to amazing desserts. One of the famous Christmas markets is put up on Plaza Mayor, where you will come across 100 vendors who will be selling amazing things in wooden huts. 

  • Take a walk in the Botanical Gardens Winter Wonderland: 

You will find the botanical garden in the center of Madrid, which has more than 90,000 different plants, 1500 trees that are spread over four greenhouses, and seven gardens. You can find many species of plants in this garden, and it is worth the experience to explore this place. Madrid during winter makes this garden look like a winter wonderland, and it is decorated with Christmas lights. The gardens close late during Christmas times, which is also good because then you get to explore it for a longer duration. 

  • Stay for New Year’s in Madrid: 

Madrid during winter

Celebrating New Year’s is always a big thing for people, and it adds to the festive vibes if you get to celebrate it in different cities every year. Stay back in Madrid to celebrate New Year’s because it is one experience you wouldn’t want to miss. You can chill at the bars, enjoy at the clubs or relax in the restaurants as it stays open throughout the night during New Year’s eve. Full Spanish celebrations are happening around in the city during this time, and it is one experience that you will enjoy the most in Madrid during winter

  • Eat the best Tacos in Madrid: 

You get to have the best Mexican food in Madrid, and one of the best things to have is the tacos that the Mexican restaurants serve here. The tacos are so good that you can consume more than seven, and you’ll not know. 

  • Go Ice skating in Madrid during winter: 

Madrid during winter

Like every other city, Madrid is also open for ice skating during the winter, and there is an open-air ice skating rink in the city. It is one of the fun things that you can try in Madrid during winter as these rinks start closing up in January.