Russia is a gorgeous place with a lot of things to do around the country.

There are so many experiences that tourists can take in Russia while staying with the locals.

The hospitality that the Russian people give to the tourists is just heartwarming and amazing.

Here are five local Russia experiences that are a must when you visit the country:

1. Make sure you stay with a local family at Lake Baikal:

Local Russia Experience
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It is a great experience to stay with a Buryat family if you visit Russia because the family will welcome you with the utmost warmth.

The moment you will walk in their house, all you will experience is love, care, and fun experiences.

They will talk to you about the stories and experiences that they have in the country.

Their house is just near Lake Baikal, which is the largest freshwater lake that is known to be the deepest and oldest.

It is one of the best local Russa experiences that you can have while you are in the country.

2. Spend some time in a banya:

Local Russia Experience
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It is one of the best experiences that you can have if you want to relax after a long day of traveling.

You can always visit a banya which is the traditional Russian sauna.

The best banya in Russia is in the people’s backyard as people believe in building them with their hands.

It is really fun to sit in the little sauna made with wood and twigs by the loving locals of Russia.

You can easily sit and relax after taking the sauna in the little banya that the people have made in their backyards.

3. Make gingerbread with the artists in Kungur:

Local Russia Experience
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Gingerbread is a great thing to make around Christmas, and it’s been a tradition during Christmas.

People love to make it and enjoy it with a cup of hot chocolate.

It is said that these biscuits cure depression, summon husbands, and also make the wishes come true.

There is a family in Kungur who have been making these biscuits for the last thirty years, and you can have a fun experience baking these yummy biscuits with them when you are traveling to Russia.

They have a room filled with different molds for the gingerbread, and also they add more fun to the biscuit making process which will give you a different experience and lots of stories.

You will definitely leave Kungur with a bag full of gingerbread and travel to other beautiful places in Russia while enjoying the local Russian experience.

4. Have a great and big communal party in a communal apartment in St Petersburg:

SOURCE: tripadvisor

Pancake party is one of the best local Russian experiences that you can have while you are traveling around.

Who doesn’t love pancakes? It’s one of the best desserts to have at any time of the day with maple syrup, chocolate, and lots of other toppings.

The pancake party in St Petersburg is very different and amazing.

The apartment is divided into multiple houses for different families and people used to live like this earlier.

They used to be given one room, and the bathroom and kitchen were there as a sharing area for all the families living together.

Now there are not many families who prefer living like this.

All the families in the apartment come together to have a pancake party which is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on while you are traveling to Russia.

5. Cook and eat amazing food at Helen’s house in Suzdal:

Local Russia Experience
SOURCE: intrepidtravel

There are a few fun facts that you need to know about Helen’s houses like she grows her own vegetables and fruits.

Anything that she doesn’t make or grow for herself is something she gives away locally.

Once you reach Helen’s house in Suzdal while having your local Russian experience, she will take you on a tour of her garden where she grows her amazing vegetables and fruits.

She has various trees and plants in her garden, and she also prefers making her own jams, pickles, and chutneys.

You will see a variety of jams and chutneys that Helen keeps making with the resources that she has in her garden.

It is a very great experience that you can have as you will get to see different plants and also how you need
to take care of these vegetables if you want to grow them on your own.