There are many people who love to travel around the world in their 18-29s, and they see new experiences and adventures.

Many people choose South East Asia to travel with their small groups and enjoy the amazing local things around in different cities.

Here are a few benefits of group travel that you can consider while you travel to South East Asia:

You miss out on the group guides who are 100% responsible:

Travel Southeast Asia
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There are a lot of tour operators who help you in making the trip responsible and also enjoy it to the fullest.

There are many concerns about the world, and people sometimes forget that it is important to travel and be responsible while traveling.

Choosing traveling with intrepid helps you in avoiding unnecessary wastage and also makes your trip a more responsible one.

What do you think is happiness?

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Waking up with a hangover or when everyone has one? When you are traveling with intrepid groups, then you will enjoy the first night of bonding with each other, and there will be a lot of games, dances, songs, drinks, and fun.

You can imagine the hangover that all of you can have the next day after the first night of fun together with the  whole group.

The tour operators will take care of all the things around you like traveling from one place to another on the bus, and you wouldn’t miss the transfers even after the hangover.

What if you want to spend time with yourself?

Travel Southeast Asia
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If the trip is planned from minute to minute, then there is no time that you will have for yourself, but you can always take out time for yourself in-betweens and go around.

It is imperative to take out time for yourself, so you do not need to worry about it because you will get some time in between to spend with yourself and enjoy the trip.

You can enjoy the local market alone and explore the city yourself.

An experience shared with people is experience doubled in fun:

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It is said that a problem shared with people is a problem that is cut down to half, but when you share the experience with a lot of people, then it doubles up.

You will enjoy exploring new things in the city with different people and also enjoy having famous delicacies together.
Travel to South East Asia becomes a lot of fun when you travel with a bunch of people.

Fun to enjoy the last night together:

Travel Southeast Asia
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The last night together, when you travel to South East Asia with an intrepid group becomes more fun when the local guide will invite you all to have dinner with him while he cooks for you.

It is always fun to sit with people who are all from different places and come together to visit and explore the same place as you.