Latin America is the blend of the cultures in Europe and also some places from Africa. The culture is unique and colorful. It has different musical styles, which also have some traditional instruments involved. Each country has music that represents its musical instrument, and it is famous for that. The music in these cultures is different because of the musical instruments that are given to each music type. Here is a list of traditional musical instruments in Latin America.

1 La Antara

Traditional instruments of Latin America

La Anata is a musical instrument that is very similar to Harmonica. The music instrument is made of bamboo wood sticks, which are of different sizes and stuck together in a row. The tubes are stuck together and tied with a thin rope. It is also known as Pan Flute, and the instrument is a native from the Paracas and Nasca culture. The culture of this musical instrument was very famous in Peru, and it has been used for more than 2,500 years now.

2 El Bombo Leggero

Traditional instruments of Latin America

The instrument has been famous in the region of Argentina, and it is very similar to the drums. Leather and wood are used to make this instrument, and it has a very loud and different sound. The bomb was always used in military campaigns in the South American region. Now, it is considered as an ancient musical instrument which has always been used to play the samba music. This instrument creates very tropical rhythms, and the people in Latin America enjoy it

3 Conga


Sounds similar? It is the most used musical instrument in the Latin American region. The music instrument originated from the place Cuba, and it is a single drum and comes in a set of two. The drums give a very unique and fantastic beat, which is very rhythmic. With the use of your hands, you can play various kinds of sounds on the conga.

4 El Reco Reco


El Reco Reco, which is also known as Guayo or Guacharaca in Latin America, has originated from Brazil. It is a hollow wood with a big cut and is played with a stick. The stick is moved around the cut, and it creates a very fantastic sound. Now, the new version of El Reco Reco is made with metal, and they create a much deeper tone. People of Latin America love listening to the El Reco Reco.

5 La Marimba

Traditional instruments

La Marimba is a huge instrument and is wholly made out of wood. The wooden instrument is hit by the sticks to create rhythm and sounds. The person who plays this instrument is known as the Marimbaist. It creates a very high pitched music, and two to three people can play on one instrument because it is enormous. The instrument also comes with metal bars instead of the wooden ones. The bars have different sizes, which makes them produce different sounds.