Dog Sledding has been the most popular snow activity that has taken place in the Arctic for millennia. There are many places where you can not walk the tours, and you would require dog sliding to move from one area to another.

However, some places initiate dog sledding as a fun-filled activity during winters. All the dogs involved in dog sledding are trained finely by the specialist and can run greatly up to longer distances. 

They are fellow teammates and always remain loyal towards their musher. In the section below, we will discuss some significant tours and tips regarding dog sledding in Rovaniemi.

Tours For Dog Sledding

  • Husky Safari On Snowy Trail

Duration: 3 hours, Type: Self Drive 

It is a 6-mile tour that offers you an Arctic wilderness experience. In this self-drive husky tour, you will learn from the guides how to interact with dogs and how to control the sled. You will also enjoy the husky sledding along with the beautiful scenery.

  • 2 km Husky Ride And Local Farm Visit

dog sledding in Rovaniemi

Duration: 2 hours, Type: Guided

You’ll start this husky ride by learning off some basics. It will be necessary for you to understand the dogs to communicate with them during the dog sledding. On this tour, you’ll be going on a 2 km guided trail. The team will show you some beautiful areas, and then after returning, you may also spend some time with the huskies.

  • Arctic Circle Long Trail Husky Adventure

Duration:2 hour, Type: Self Drive

Once you reach the farm, you’ll be meeting the excitable dogs. Make sure that you make them feel comfortable by patting their back softly and clicking photos with them. 

You’ll be going for 1 hour by self-driving between 4 and 6 miles distance in this route. While you’re on the trail, make sure that you enjoy all the beautiful Lapland scenery.

  • Snowmobile Safari, Reindeer, And Husky Farm

dog sledding in Rovaniemi

Duration: 5 hours, Type: Guided

This fantastic tour involves three popular activities dog sledding in Rovaniemi, Arctic – snowmobiling, and seeing the reindeer. If you want to experience these three rides together, you must go on a Snowmobile Safari, Reindeer, And Husky Farm.

Essential Tips For Dog Sledding

Mentioned below are some of the essential tips you must know and practice before going for Dog sledding.

  • Maintain some distance front the team in front of you
  • You must use the sled brake during dog sledding
  • Please don’t use your voice to make the dogs run faster and instead help them by kicking
  • You must keep the lines tight to avoid any injuries to dogs
  • Do not leave the team before the guides have secured the sled

The Bottom Line

Dog sledding is one of the most amazing experiences that you would surely love. However, it is also essential for you to look for your safety, so you must follow the tips mentioned above. Also, you could go on the above-listed tours for dog sledding in Rovaniemi.