The land of the Midnight Sun, Norway, where there is no end to the day. There will be days when the sun will be permanently there. Norway is a country full of high-class amenities. The place is truly safe and has a beautiful road trip in between the mountains covered with snow. Norway has a lot of spots for tourists to visit. Let us get accustomed to the things to do in Norway.

Visit the famous Marvel at the Arctic Cathedral

beautiful road trip

This Cathedral is built in a dramatic way. There are large blocks of ice and shiny mosaics inside the Cathedral. Come visit the famous Cathedral during winters and see it decorated and lit up giving a spectacular view.

Arctic Circle

Things to do in Norway

Nothing is better than being able to view the world’s most beautiful natural phenomenon. Spend your summer vacation here and witness the beautiful Northern Lights. Visiting this place in summers also have an added benefit. You will always find the Midnight Sun during summers if you are forgetting the fact that Norway lies in the Arctic Circle.

Skiing at the Lyngen Alps

Things to do in Norway

The Lyngen Alps covers a mountain range stretching 90kms towards the border of Sweden. Tourists are found to be enjoying skiing in the area with glaciers, rivers, and soaring peaks. At some times, you may also get the opportunity to see the Northern Lights from the top of this place. Visitors are also free to enjoy Snow Safari in this beautiful area with scenic gorges. 

Visit the Tromso Fjords

Things to do in Norway

These Fjords are the famous waterways in Norway that will leave you surprised. They exist amongst the inlets and islands. These islands back on to icy summits and end up empty in the Norwegian Sea. You can take a guide who will help you collect fishes from here.

Spend Time ate the Ersfjordbotn Village

beautiful road trip

This is the best village in the world to relax and spend some quality time with your partner. It is also one of the first showing spots in Norway to look at the Northern Lights. The village also includes snow-shoeing, dog sledding, and a few more activities that will keep you busy throughout the day. Since the village is in the mountains, you can also enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

Ride on the famous Cable Car

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It is the Fjellheisen Cable Car which you need to ride if you are planning to experience all the best things to do in Norway. It hardly takes 4 minutes to reach the top of Mount Storsteinen. There’s an entire neighboring countryside view from the top. There are a few adventurous activities at the top that includes cycling, paragliding, and skiing depending on the weather conditions.

A small tour to Oslo City Hall

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The famous hall was built in 1915. You will find a series of galleries inside the hall and a few frescoes from the 20th century. The iconic artifacts are a must-visit in the Oslo City Hall. The hall depicts the entire culture of Norway.

Witness the famous UFOs in Hessdalen


There is something majestic about the Hessdalen Lights and are left unexplained. There are lights that appearing and hovering in the valley. It is your luck because the light only appears once in a while. People have been visiting this area since the 1990s to catch a glimpse of the UFO.

Stay in Northern Norway

The northern side of Norway is more interesting than the southern side. Northern Norway consists of even more beautiful landscapes. Just because Southern Norway has a few of the famous and well-known places, you don’t have to end up staying there. The dramatic beauty of northern Norway is more worth watching when compared. Moreover, even some of the Norwegian tour companies were even found advertising the north side of Norway.


Norway should always be at the top of your travel list. It has a wide range of things that goes far ahead of just beautiful landscapes. Even the culture of Norway is as beautiful as its scenic views. There are plenty of surprises and hundreds of things to do in Norway. Visit Norway for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, you are never going to be disappointed. Feel free to contact us for your help.