Denmark, the happiest country in the world is always ready to fill joy in your hearts while traveling here. This place deserves all the praise it gets. There are so many things to do in Denmark, all jam-packed with famous attractions and fun activities. The place is as exciting as its culture. We are here to give you some insider tips that you can refer to while visiting Denmark.

Enjoy a Bike Trip

Things to do in Denmark

Denmark is structured in a way that you can enjoy cycling all over the place. The locals of this place take a long bike trip to nearby cities. With bike-ride, you can explore this place at your own speed with no restrictions.

Skagen is a must-visit place

Things to do in Denmark

The northwest town in Denmark is famous for its festivals that take place throughout the year. This is the place where the two seas meet. On an average, around two million visitors visit this beautiful place of natural phenomena. Nothing’s better than witnessing two clashing seas and enjoying the natural wonder. You won’t get bored as there will be various events that will keep you busy and excited.

Celebrate the famous Sankthansaften

 Things to do

Mostly known as midsummer, this is the famous tradition celebrated in Denmark. For the record, Denmark has no National Day. You will encounter groups of close friends and family having a gala time together in sports clubs, institutions, and town councils. This festival is celebrated on June 24th. Over the years, this day has just been a motive to have fun at a party since it is a public holiday in Denmark since 1770.

Dive into Subterranean Art Venue

 Things to do

This is a famous water reservoir that holds up to 16 million liters of water. It is also used to quench the thirst of the citizens that need water. This place is now seen as an underground place for art exhibitions and various events. It is recommended to wear warm clothes and wellies due to the cold damp inside.

Hunt giants near Copenhagen

Things to do in Denmark

There are around 6 Copenhagen suburbs where you can enjoy treasure hunting. This is located in the lesser-known area of the city. You can roam around the lush-green gardens, calm waters, and find unusual wooden sculptures that most tourists miss out to visit.

Explore Thy National Park

Things to do in Denmark

Thy National Park is a beautiful sight to visit. You’ll be surrounded by magnificent sceneries while discovering the national park. You will be enveloped within the rugged landscapes, vast pine forests, and bracing sea air. You are also allowed to enjoy hiking and biking along with the picturesque backdrops and stunning views.

Climb the Rabjerg Mile

 Things to do

The famous mile moves approximately 18 meters per year. It is known to be one of the largest migrating dunes. You can enjoy hiking on the sandy hills. This mile is a home for all the nature lovers. You can live in the nearby wooden cottages and enjoy the scenic view.

Visit the buries church in Skagen

 Things to do

The buried church is dedicated to Saint Laurence, the saint of seafarer’s and dates back from the 14th century. In earlier times, it was one of the largest churches, but due to the sands drifting frequently, the building is getting covered. Back in 1795, the church was permanently closed. It was because the building got completely covered and was no longer in a condition to be used. It is only the main tower poking out that is left to be witnessed.

Check out the AroS Art Museum

Things to do in Denmark

Here’s an opportunity for you to stand inside a rainbow. The art museum is structured to reflect Dante’s Divine Comedy. You can enjoy the panoramic view while standing in the rainbow window. The window is painted in different hues giving a rainbow effect. It is an absolute win to stand by here if you are in the city.


Pack your bags and rush to this beautiful happy place if you haven’t yet. For the people who are planning to have a budget-friendly trip, can easily look up this place as their travel destination. Spend your dollars wisely on the places where you can ride on a bicycle and enjoy the natural beauty. Feel free to contact us for any further help.