Austria’s imperial capital Vienna is the most famous for its breathtaking sites and cultural events. The chilly capital usually mutates itself as the winter approaches. Also, the Viennese charm can offer you a unique blend of modern architecture as well as traditions.

Well, if you’re willing to make your winter trip the most impressive and memorable, then you should visit Vienna during the Christmas season. Austria’s Christmas season is magical, and you would fall in love with it. 

The food, coffee cafes, winding alleys in the old town, and the glittering palaces all seem to be excellent. In the section below, we will discuss for you some reasons to visit Vienna in December.

Let’s have a look at these reasons.

Vienna Opera

reasons to visit Vienna in December

Vienna consists of the best opera houses globally, the Wien Staatsoper, primarily built in Neo-Renaissance Style with a decorated facade. You could watch the most amazing concerts and shows in the auditorium during the opera season in winter.

Ice- Skating

Ice skating is a winter sport that you can only perform during winters. It is enjoyable and can be your most incredible experience on the entire trip. Various ice rinks are put up across the city that also includes Wilhelminenberg Palace. 

Over Christmas, an ice dream event takes place, and you could also experience it by taking part in it.

Imperial Architecture

reasons to visit Vienna in December

Vienna’s attractive historical buildings and the city center are the most impressive sites that feature magnificent architecture. Thus, you should watch the famous “Ringstra Benstil” and Art Nouveau, Gothic and Baroque.

Coffee Houses

Vienna has a tradition in coffee houses that can give you the best coffee and offer you shelter from the frosty weather. Cakes and pastries are also available in different flavors, and they are way more delicious. 

The most famous mouth-watering is Sachertorte(rich chocolate) that you must try in the coffee hose. 

Ferris Wheel

reasons to visit Vienna in December

Fennis wheel is the tallest in the center of Vienna that can take you up to 67 m over the Vienna skyline. However, the best time to go on the wheel is during Christmas, as you will see a more beautiful view of the markets, glowing lights, and smoke rising. 

Also, to avoid the queues, you should buy the tickets in advance online.

Viennese Cuisine

Vienna provides a mix of international and local tastes from a typical “Beisl” to luxurious gourmet restaurants. There are so many restaurants you can choose from; the best thing about the Viennese restaurants is that you could have your perfect meal, even if you’re a vegan. 

You won’t have any issues finding the right place for your dinner or snacks.

The Bottom Line

Vienna is the perfect place for you to visit during winters. So, if you’re planning a vacation trip there, then I would suggest you go during the Christmas season. 

You’ll love the surroundings during December in Vienna, and there could not be any better start for your new years than to be at the most fantastic place.