Many people had plans of traveling, but the coronavirus has made people cancel the plans and sit back at home.

The restrictions are finally going away in some countries, and things are becoming normal around the world.

In the next few months, you can get out of your house and explore the world again when everything is normal and safe.

You can go through the guides for reference and choose places near your homes so that there are no risks and you wouldn’t have to travel far away.

Here are the top destinations for travel that you can consider:

1 If you are based in Tasmania:

Destinations for travel
Source: intrepidtravel

Tasmania has a lot of amazing places around that you can explore, and the beauty of wild and scenic landscapes can be seen around the place.

The landscape is known for this place, and it is a beautiful experience to travel here if you need a little break from staying at home.

There are restrictions on food items in the city, but you can always travel with a bunch of snacks that you want, go around, and explore the local delicacies in the city.

2 If you are based in Victoria:

SOURCE: westjetmagazine

The Victorian people are spoiled for their choices regarding taking short breaks in life and going around a little bit.

You can always take a good road trip down the Great Ocean Road, which has a great view and will always give you a break from life in the house.

The weather starts warming up a little around September, which seems like the best time to travel.

You can always stop by and take pictures of the breathtaking view and always keep your eye on whales in the ocean.

If you get tired, then you can also stop by for cheese and wine tasting.

3 If you based in New South Wales or Canberra:

SOURCE: en.wikipedia

It is one of the best destinations for travel and exploring things around the place that you live.

After the lockdown and restrictions easing up, the coasts are opening up for the people to visit again.

You can always stop by the fantastic beaches that the place has and enjoy the local food.

It is fun to explore the streets and local things that the city has to offer.

There are a lot of breweries in the city which are loved by foreigners.

4 If you are based in Queensland:

SOURCE: thoughtco.

Another best destination for travel after the lockdown and restrictions ease up a little.

Queenslanders have a lot of beautiful places to explore and travel around the place.

There are a lot of things to see and do in the city.

If you can head a little further during your trip, then the Great Barrier Reef is a must-visit as it is one of the most beautiful places you can go for relaxing after the lockdown.

There are a lot of rainforests and reefs that you can see, which is like once in a lifetime experience.