From the shinny sky to the hiding sun, everything feels amazing with the travel of fun and exploration. Travel is something that relaxes both your mind & body, thus making it a necessity. However, smart travel is also something that automatically becomes one of the necessities. One needs to make a proper plan going out on a vacation or holiday. Yet, let’s not forget, looking at nature is of utmost importance in today’s technological world. Thus, scan the bit more out of nature and find the perfect shot for your accounts. Well, do not fix yourself with social media and enjoy the trip to the best you can. If you are actually planning to visit Japan with limited time and are confused about the places Tokyo or Kyoto to travel, you are in the right place to gain extra tips.


Tokyo is an amazing capital of Japan, recognized as the world’s most populous metropolis. Moreover, it is counted as one of Japan’s 47 prefectures that contain the elements of 23 central city wards with other various cities, towns and villages and west of the city center. The Izu and Ogasawara Islands are also part of Tokyo and another thing for the travelers to know. Tokyo offers a variety of moves on shopping and stuff with great deals in entertainment, dining, cultures and more for its guests. Asakusa, many other astonishing museums and even the historic temples and gardens of Tokyo provide just a remarkable stand for visitors and travelers. Moreover, Tokyo also gives a ride to its travelers on the outskirts and numerous attractive green spaces in the city center.



Kyoto is a place of temples and shrines. It is believed to be Japan’s spiritual heart with true masterpieces of religious architecture and atmospheric temples, lighting the place up. Moreover, Nishiki Market also famous as Kyoto’s Kitchen is a way for foodie travelers to provide their taste buds a new taste. While the city is focused on the best of its temples, gardens and traditional teahouses, Kyoto does believe in securing the heart of Japan with its natural artisans. This makes Kyoto follow the roots and cultures of Japan for ages, making it a more astonishing and fulfilling journey for history lovers or culture and tradition lovers. As a matter of fact, this brings in the conceptualization of Japan to keep alive the arts and crafts developed generations after generation to hit the market of Japan with its skilled and intelligent work. Flowing traditions could make travelers wonder to wander around a place like Kyoto in Japan.

Focusing on the details of the cities specified earlier, tradition and culture lovers could be bound towards traveling for a traditional place like Kyoto. However, Tokyo is the capital and after being destroyed during the bombing in World War II, developed a completely new atmosphere. With only a few traditional buildings left, it mostly focuses on the neoteric approach and concepts for structures across the city. Thus, it is much more ravishing and indeed eye-captivating for modern lovers or innovation-approaches. Both the cities developed within Japan have a brief and account on their own and thus, it is up to the travelers to choose between tradition and cultures or modern beauty of the world. However, to provide a clear perspective and better understanding of the two cities, here are a few more descriptions that clarify the travelers’ doubts to enjoy the possibilities.

  • Tokyo being a developed city, requires more energy and enthusiasm of the travelers to enjoy, have fun and explore the newness. However, Kyoto seems more relaxing and soothing with just its cultural aspects.
  • Tokyo is expensive than Kyoto and thus travelers could have to look after their pockets before entering Tokyo.
  • Want to know the modern era, nightlife, and big city experience — then Tokyo is your right choice.
  • Well, apart from all this, if visitors have more than 4 days for exploring, you should definitely go for both the cities. After all, both the cities provide the experiences of their own with a mix of culture and modernity in Japan.

tokyo vs kyoto

Area Coverage:

Furthermore, moving on to the other crucial differences, Tokyo consists of a population of around 9 million people while Kyoto consists only of 1.47 million people living in it. So if this factor hits the preferences of the traveler, then it is beneficial to know. However, Tokyo being a modern area, provides good facilities with transports and food menu, while Kyoto ends up within a radius of about half an hour, leading to compact facilities. Moreover, this could also lead a tiring journey n Tokyo for covering a huge area while Kyoto might end up relaxing.


Tokyo being a modern city represents huge and numerous expenses, leading to 30 percent more from Kyoto’s expenses. Including all the essential amenities and aspects like hotels, food, transport and admission prices with or without deals, is more expensive than Kyoto, yet specifies to be way cheaper than other parts of the world. Moreover, Kyoto seems less expensive than Tokyo and provides all crucial expenses including shopping at a cheaper rate.


Well, Tokyo giving an urban experience creates a great exposure towards fine dining, a perfect nightlife, features shopping experiences and moderates its brilliancy. This thus highlights the behavioral aspects of Tokyo to watch on urban and big city experiences for its visitors with exciting and ravishing looks. Furthermore, the city brings down the perfect choice of restaurants, shops, bars and more. Kyoto, on the other hand, is a perfect blend of imagination that comes about in the mind of travelers while thinking of Japan. With peaceful temples, sublime Zen gardens, colorful shrines, and classic old neighborhoods, Kyoto looks forward to its people and visitors to watch out the best of Kyoto’s beauty from its traditional behavior.

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This sums up the details of both the cities, providing a clear perspective for the travelers while leaving it on their choice and selection of the cities according to their taste and pockets.