Oslo, which is the Norwegian Capital, is the most popular destination to visit during winters. It is a magical city in winters that features fluffy snow, outdoor winter activities, sparkling daily lights, etc. The beauty of this place doubles up every winter and makes it the most attractive place for visitors. The section below will discuss for you some best things to do in Oslo in winter for the most memorable and enjoyable trip. 

When Does Winter Happen In Oslo?

Winter in Oslo usually begins at the starting of November and continues till February end. However, if you’re planning on going on a vacation to Oslo, the best time for you could be to go during December, January, or February. The temperature over here usually ranges from -5C to 25C as per the weather condition of the whole day.

Top 6 Things You Must Do In Oslo

Mentioned below are some things to do in Oslo in winter that you would definitely enjoy.

  • Try Ice Skating At Frognen Stadion

things to do in Oslo in winters

Frogener stadion is a popular spot that is considered the best for ice skating. So, it would help if you went there for the most fantastic experience of ice skating. You could also carry your skates or rent them at the stadium.

  • Go To Visit Holmenkollen

Holmenkollen is a great place for the tourist, and you must pay a visit there; as it is pretty famous for ski jumps. You may also find hiking trails, ski museums, restaurants, and many more things there.

  • Try Cross-Country Skiing At Frognersteren

things to do in Oslo in winters

If skiing is the thing that you like the most, it would be best for you to go for cross- country skiing. For this, you may consider going to Frognereseteren. Here, the trails are pretty better and can be great for your skiing experience.

  • Visit Oslo Winter Park At Trvyann

Oslo winter park at Trvyann is situated near Frognerseteren. This park could take you to an area which consists of 7 lifts and 14 slopes. Also, if you want to learn snowboarding or skiing, this could be the perfect spot for you to practice without embarrassment.

  • Taste The Food Of Mathallen

things to do in Oslo in winters

Mathallen in Oslo is highly popular for food. Here you will find almost everything and the most fabulous food you must try is coffee, brown cheese, fresh seafood, and many more things. Moreover, there is Oslo’s longest bar known as Smelteverket, where you can taste different drinks.

  • Go To The Oslo Opera House

Modern Oslo Operahuset is the most impressive and recognizable symbol of Oslo, where you must pay a visit. It was opened in 2008 and offered great refuge from the cold. The event that takes place in the opera house is just tremendous, and it could be the most fantastic experience of your trip.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning a trip during the winter season, I suggest you go to Oslo for the most unique and fascinating experience. This is an adventurous sport that allows you for more incredible experiences in various activities. Also, you may go through the points mentioned above for making your trip better.