Santorini is one of the prettiest and most popular destinations to visit in Europe. Santorini in winter is magnificent, and if you are looking for a place with less crowd, then going to Santorini is one of the decisions that you should make. It is known as the most famous Greek island with fantastic food and views.

Here is a guide through which you can plan certain things that you can do in Santorini in Winter

  • Photograph the scenic Oia, which is not crowded: 

Oia is one of the most scenic places in Greece, and it is just beyond beautiful. As there is less crowd during winters, you can photograph this place and click various angles peacefully. The white buildings and blue tops give a stunning look to the whole place. The sun shines during the day, and it is the best place to click pictures because of the ocean, which is overlooking these buildings. During the summer season, people literally wait for turns to click good pictures. 

  • Discover the amazing Santorini wine: 

If you like drinking wine, you should definitely taste the Santorini wine when visiting the place. Grapes have been growing on the volcanic slopes in Santorini for the last thousands of years. The wine made is really valuable and worth the taste here. The grapevines grow easily because they grow on the ground, and the moisture helps in keeping them cool and trapping the water, which also tastes better when the wine is made. There are various ranges of wine that you can find in Santorini. 

  • Do not miss the beautiful sunset in Santorini in winter: 

Do not miss the beautiful sunset in Santorini in winter: 

The sunset remains constant during all the seasons, and this is one thing you will not miss out on during the winter season as nature will display its beauty even then. You can watch the amazing sunset when you are travelling to Santorini in winter from various locations, and you’ll enjoy the view a lot because it’s just beautiful. 

  • Hike: 

Go for a hike during winters because the cooler temperature in Santorini will help in offering a fantastic experience. The hike between Fira and Oia is terrific, and it is the most popular hike that one must experience while travelling to Santorini. You can stop and take breaks in many places during the trek, and it is around a 10 km stretch. You will see amazing views, the sea, and will cross historic villages, giving you the experience that you’ll never forget. 

  • Explore Fira when in Santorini: 

Explore Fira when in Santorini

Fira is the capital, and you should definitely visit it once you are in Santorini. It is on the top of the volcanic cliffs, and many areas on the island shut down, but Fira is still open for travellers. Even though the town is small, there are still things to do in Fire like visiting the art galleries, museums and exploring the churches and other streets. During winter, all the historical places are free to enter on only Sundays. You can enjoy amazing Santorini food during the evening or enjoy the nightlife at some of the local bars and nightclubs, which are always open. 

  • Taste the unique cuisine in Santorini: 

Santorini has a different culinary scene when compared with the rest of Greece. You should taste and experience the diverse food cultures in Santorini. Many ingredients are found on the island itself, and the restaurants hold the culture so that you will love the food there. 

  • Do not forget the beaches in Santorini in winter

Do not forget the beaches in Santorini in winter

Even though winter is not considered the season to spend time on the beach, it is still worth visiting the Santorini beaches during the winters because it is empty and beautiful. During the summer season, you get to see these beaches full of people all around, but you get to enjoy empty beaches during the winter season. There are various black and red sand beaches which you must visit. 

  • Enjoy the Vothonas village: 

You can also take a short trip to Vothonas village as it is located near Fira only and it is gorgeous. You get to see the unique architecture in the houses, which are carved in the form of small caves and get to enjoy the quiet Greek village life. 

  • See the view from Skaros Rock: 

Skaros Rock is a rocky headland that will give you a very picturesque view because of the white walls and beautiful blue detailing. If you like to go out for walks, then you can enjoy the beautiful streets in this place.