There are a lot of things that you need to know about a base camp.

The leaders of every camp do a lot of things and take care of everything so that the people who are traveling with they have a great experience and also enjoy the trip.

Here are five things that every person needs to know about the base camp from a local leader’s point of view:

1 There is nothing like bad conditions but only bad clothing:

Base camp
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The number one rule when it comes to trekking is to make sure that you have all the right
equipment and clothing for the trip.

You need to check on the weather and temperature and then pack your stuff accordingly.

The right clothing plays a significant role when it comes to trekking, and it is one of the main things that every person should take care of.

2 The best day will be the base camp day:


There are a lot of activities that you can do in the base camp but one of the best days will be the base camp day itself because you will experience a lot that day.

The base camp day will always be worth telling stories about, and it is fun to experience the day.

You can celebrate the experience in whichever way you like, and it’s going to be a fantastic day.

3 It is all about the attitude and not the altitude:

Base camp

The most important part of the camp is to deal with the altitude with a different attitude.

It is the hardest part to deal with the altitude, and for some, it is very normal while others find it
very difficult.

Every person will experience life at different heights and ways, and that’s why the attitude of every person matters a lot. It will create a big difference in a person’s life.

No matter whatever is happening, positive thinking can change a lot and also give a different
attitude to the person about the things around.

4 Anyone can achieve EBC:

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The leaders of the base camp see a lot of different campers every time and every camper has a different goal for their life.

A lot of people self doubt and wonder if they are good enough to hike so much but the simple answer to this is yes everyone is fit enough because if a 75-year-old man can hike with confidence, then anyone can and it gives you hope to see that man climbing up. It is not that you need to be extremely fit trek.

5 Meeting Comolunga is special:

Base camp
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Mount Everest is not Mount Everest for everyone around you.

There are many other names for the mountain, like the Sagarmatha or the Comolunga.

While you are on the way to your base camp, you can travel a lot of prayers and respect the mountain just the way you want to, and the leaders will help you with it.