Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Costa Rica which is known for its rainforest, beaches and biodiversity. Every traveller has different places to visit while they are travelling to this place because there are multiple best things to do in Costa Rica. The country shares a vast coastline with the pacific oceans, which also gives the sun-seekers best beaches to enjoy during summers. There are waterfalls and other adventurous things to enjoy in Costa Rica. 

Here are some best things in Costa Rica when you are there: 

1. Visit the fountain of the youth: 

what to do in Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula is known as the fountain of the youth in the country, and it is an exciting place to visit. Since 1990, the place is known for having people who love spending time on the beach and love doing surfing. It also gets in a lot of hipster crowd and people who love spending time at the shack bars. There are various underwater and water adventures that can be enjoyed in the fountain of youth. 

2. Try experiencing the Costa Rican cowboy life: 

best things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for the cowboy style and the love for horses. While visiting this country, you can also try living like this for some hours. You can take up a horse and experience the wildlife around while riding it. The park where you’ll have a leisurely horse ride with the wildlife watch has various species. 

3. Get an ecological tour in Monteverde: 

best things to do in Monteverde

It is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has six ecological zones in it which is 90% of the virgin forest. It has vibrant biodiversity, which makes it a place for seeking new species and wildlife around. A lot of educational tours are given to the students here who want to seek out social and environmental topics. There is a lot of exploration around Monteverde as there is also a small village which has various courses to teach people Spanish. 

4 Experience the ecological side:

what to do in Costa Rica

The country has a lot of ecological reserves to experience. You can always get in touch with your environmental side and experience life in between the wildlife. The 27% of the country’s mass is about national parks and forest reserves which makes the tour environmental friendly. There are many beautiful lodges and hotels in between the beautiful diversity which allows you to experience peace and the ecological side of the county. 

5. You can experience snorkelling in two different oceans: 

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It is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica because of the fantastic oceans around. Cano Island Biological Reserve is known as the best places in Central America for snorkelling and scuba diving. It has various coral reefs and species to discover in the water. There are different types of turtles, fishes, whales, dolphins, rays and much more. The coral underwater is fantastic in the clear blue water of the pacific ocean. 

6. Experience the journey to the Tortuguero canals: 

Adventurous Things to Do in Costa Rica

Tortuguero is located on the northeast coast of Costa Rica where it is not possible to go by car, and the only way to go there is with the help of a boat. It is peaceful and full of wildlife which makes it a great experience. While you are floating down the river in the boat, you can spot various types of crocodiles, manatees, monkeys jumping above the trees and much more. 

7. The national theatre in San Jose: 

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The National Theatre in San Jose is considered as one of the best buildings in the city and all the Costa Ricans take pride in it. The building has a lot of statues which symbolize dance, music and fame for the city. There are also comedy and tragedy figures inside the building. One of the most famous paintings inside the building is about coffee harvesting, which was painted by Arturo Fontana in the year 1897 in Milan. 

8. The Irazu Volcano National Park:

what to do in Costa Rica

Irazu Volcano National park is one of the most active volcanoes in the region of Costa Rica. The national park protects around 2309 hectare of the area around the volcano. The volcano consists of a small green lime-like lake in the centre which also appears red sometimes. The volcano is one of the highest active volcanoes until now. You can spot it from far, and it is just a cone-like structure.