The lockdown is slowly easing around the world, and places are opening for tourists.

People are getting happy again to turn their quarantine dreams into reality by traveling to their favorite places.

It can be difficult to choose one place where you want to travel after the lock-down but don’t worry

Here is a list of intrepid retreat in Europe that you can experience:

1 Visit a family-run loukoumi workshop in Greece:

Intrepid Retreat in Europe
source: greece-is

You can enjoy and get the loving vibes by visiting a family-run loukoumi workshop in Greece Retreat.

The retreat is also known as the Greece Delight, and these colorful treats are found on the Greek island of Syros, which is the capital of Cyclades.

It is said that leukemia on this island is the result of the amazing water which is sourced directly from the
mountain areas of that island.

While experiencing the workshop, you will meet the family who hosts this fantastic run, and you will also be able to learn these amazing delicacies.

2 Stay on a sustainably run farm in Iceland:

SOURCE: heyiceland

Iceland is one of the gorgeous places on the planet with amazing views and landscapes around.

There are almost no trees around in Iceland because of the volcanoes, and there is deforestation with the volcanic ash also turning the land into the barren land, but it still has an amazing view around the area.

While going for Iceland intrepid, you can experience staying with a family-run accommodation that is connected with the farm.

The family started planting trees to fight deforestation and also to produce food locally.

3 Explore the home of Prosecco in Italy:

Intrepid Retreat in Europe
SOURCE: cntraveler

If you want to fill your bags and buckets with Prosecco, then you will have the best time exploring the Veneto region while you are on your Italy retreat.

It is known as the birthplace of bubbly and nice wine.

Prosecco is defined by the grape, and it is one of the finest prosecco that you will find in this region.

While you are in the area, stop at the two most amazing Vineyards and learn about the history of wine and winemaking.

4 Attend the Fado show in Portugal:

SOURCE : rideforyouportugal

Fado translates to the word '' Fate,'' and it goes perfectly fine with Portugal's version of blue.
While you are on your intrepid retreat in Europe and you travel to Portugal, then you have to experience the fado show once as it is worth the time.
The music performed by the musicians there is just soulful and amazing.

While experiencing this amazing show, also experience the amazing local drink that this place has to offer.

5 Spend a day at the sea with the fisherman in Croatia:

Intrepid Retreat in Europe
SOURCE: intrepidtravel

Croatia is known for a lot of things, but there are a lot of places that aren't discovered or explored by the people.

While going on the intrepid retreat in Europe, you need to check out Lastovo Island, which is the gem of this place.

You will have a great experience with the local fishermen in this area who will help you and make you learn the art of catching fishes.

Not just that, after the hard work, they will also treat you with amazing delicacies.

6 Visit sea turtle rescue center in Turkey:

SOURCE: rachelsruminations

While going on your intrepid retreat in Europe, don't forget to visit the sea turtle rescue center, which is in Turkey.

There are many places to see in turkey but this one of the best experiences that you can have.

While visiting the turtle rescue center, you will see how these turtles are saved and taken care of for a long while until they are healthy to go back to the sea again.

If you are an animal lover, then you will definitely love this place.

7 Hike on the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco:

Intrepid Retreat in Europe
SOURCE: intrepidtravel

If you want to distance yourself from the world for a while, then this hiking trip to the High The Atlas Mountains in Morocco is the best experience that you can have.

It will give you a perfect break by giving you the amazing experience of a half-day trek with a beautiful view
around the place.

When you hike through the mountains, you' ll feel like you are on the top of the world, and the escape from reality will be worthwhile.

After the hike, you can sit down with the local family in the place and enjoy the amazing food while looking at the view.

8 Immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture in Jordan:

SOURCE: workaway

While you are on the intrepid trip to Jordan, you will get to experience and finish a hike through the Little Petra at the Bedouin camp, which will make you see the fantastic nature around the place.

Not just the view around the place, but you will also get to experience the day to day activities on this trip, which are bread baking, coffee ritual, and many more similar things.

9 Go to a whiskey distillery in Scotland:

Intrepid Retreat in Europe
SOURCE: life.spectator

Scotland is a beautiful place known for its amazing castles and palaces with magnificent views around the place.

Not just that, you can have a very fine scotch in Scotland from one of the oldest whiskey distilleries in the place. If you love having a scotch, you will love the taste of the scotch they have in Scotland.

The local expert will also guide you through the journey of how scotch is made.

10 Explore the beautiful cliff tops in Cornwall, England:

SOURCE: handluggageonly

If you visit England during the intrepid retreat in Europe, then you have to explore the beautiful clifftops with the magnificent view around the place.

You will see unique plants and breathtaking views around the area.

You can take a morning walk in the cliff tops while measuring the view and then enjoy at a family-run bakery in the area which serves the best kind of desserts.

It is worth the experience when you are traveling to this place.