Love them, hate them, but one can not escape a Road Trip for long. There is no feeling like the rush of burning rubber against the asphalt. Loud music pumping, grooving in that compact space on our favorite tunes, delighting over tasty treats! Even with so much going on, there will be dull stretches in between unless you know how to get the best of it all.

This is a list of a few tips, tricks, games, activities and ideas that will help you make the best of it all!

1. Make a Flexible Plan –

Road trip

When time is limited, it’s smart to plan some things in advance. Before setting off, know what cities you’ll sleep in each night. Plan such that you do not have to drive more than 6-7 hours each day. That being said, always keep flexibility for other things. Eating at a place the locals recommend instead of sticking to ‘Zomato top10’ is probably a better call. Watch as you unfold a saga of wandering, discovering and following your wildest road trip fantasies.

2. Have your Food Picnic –

Road trip

Do yourselves a favor and pack your food. You can not only save yourself from expensive, unhealthy options available on the road but also have an awesome picnic in the setting of your choice. Pick any spot you like, park and set up your food station. It will be a relaxing break and a unique experience on top of it.

3. Spotting Game –


I am pretty sure many people will know this one already. It’s a simple game. You find a word, object or number in your surroundings and ask other people to find it. It could be from a number plate, fragment of a shop name or billboard, etc. The silliest way to pass the time and pit your memory and eyesight against each other.

4. Midway stops –

road trip

This is what these trips are for. Like a landscape while riding? Pullover and let the view sink in. Click a picture too. Got a frisbee? Find a grassy spot and let some steam off. There is so much you could do by taking the right pauses in your journey!

5. Become your own popstar –

Things to do

This is what you would do on a Karaoke night minus the Karaoke part. Sing your heart out and let the world hear that melodious voice of yours. If anyone objects to that beautiful voice of yours, ask them to join for a singalong session. Pack a playlist accordingly and take turns to be the DJ.

6. Camp Out –

Things to do

Camping might be considered an adventure activity. But I see it as quite the opposite. It is a fun activity that allows you to relax in a setting of your own. It is an enthralling experience to set up camp out in the open and take charge of how to shape it up.

7. Go on a Snacking Trail –

Road trip

Pack your favorite snacks for the journey. For the perfect Road Trip to exist, this is a top priority—the feeling of munching your favorite snacks while on road tingles homely vibes for some reason. Also, you’ll miss the fights over who gets to eat the last crunch from that Magic Masala or Kurkure packet later.

8. The Road Not Taken –

Road trip

You have planned the route and everything is going on normally. But isn’t it normal boring? So take a detour and see how it spices up your whole trip. Road Trip offers you the freedom to shape your experience and discover places, people and things that you can not find in the bustling route between your home and office. So why not take advantage and get some off the path action?

9. Watch Sunrise and Sunsets –

things to do

I have never met a person who is neither a Sunrise nor a Sunset person. Everyone loves at least one of these. It is evident that you will see at least one of these during your trip. So instead of making plans for an action-packed evening party, you could instead find a peaceful spot and sulk under the color-changing the sky during sunset. Or you could find that spot nearby that offers the perfect sunrise view as it emerges and lights up the world!

These were some suggestions that should make your road trip a memorable experience. Step out and embark on a Road Trip with your friends. You will likely have incidences and stories that will only make you more supportive of each other. Road trips always help in bonding people together, and it makes every journey more fun.