Destinations that have the northern lights are always worth every penny and are even adventurous to travel. Tromsø is considered the Northern lights Capital of Norway. 

The arctic oasis is situated 350 kilometers above the Arctic Circle in Norway and can surely capture your heart with its elegant beauty and charm. Thus, there are a lot of things that Tromsø can offer you while making your trip worth remembering. 

I’ve gathered for you a list of things to do in Tromsø in Winter including culture, meals, and traditional things.

Let’s have a look at the list.

1. Dog Sledding

Things To Do In Tromso In Winter

Dog sledding is one of the topmost activities that take place in Norway and is enjoyable. Since all the dogs here are well trained, there is no risk involved, and you won’t have any troubles, as the tours would be taking complete care of you.

2. Skiing Tours

Tromsø offers skiing for various levels and is much more fun to do. Mountains surround the whole city and you would have a lovely experience of skiing. If you’re a beginner, then you must go for cross-country skiing in Tromsø.

3. Go On Fjord Cruise 

Fjord Cruise is a popular activity in Tromsø that can provide you with polar adventures. You would also encounter reindeers in the middle, and you may also go for photography on the beach.

4. Visit The Tromsø Museum

For trying something different, you may go to the exhibitions and museums of Tromsø. In these places, you would learn more about the history, culture, art, and science of this charming place.

5. Stay At Stunning Camp Tamok

Things To Do In Tromso In Winter

A 75 minutes drive could take you to the most beautiful Camp Tamok, where you could enjoy the best accommodation for your stay at Sami herdmen’s tent.

6. Pay Your Visit To Aquarium: Polaria

Peloria Aquarium, located in Tromsø, has an arctic environment and includes wildlife and nature. This place is excellent for a visit and will make your trip a lot much better.

7. Hiking To Rødtinden

This charming city is covered entirely by elegant scenery and beautiful nature. Here you could stuff your backpack with some drinks and snacks and go for a hike. 

Although the hiking is a bit intense due to the icy conditions, you must wear your cleats for a more convenient and incredible experience.

8. Snow Mobiling

The best adventure of your trip could be to go Snowmobiling. For this activity, you must gear up with gloves, thermal suits, helmets, and boots. Also, you should steer and drive with your whole body.

9. Aurora Borealis

Things To Do In Tromso In Winter

The best thing about Tromsø is the northern lights. Many travel agents provide the lights on the north tour, which you would love watching these lights along with the milky way.

However, if you would go on your own to observe these lights, make sure to check before the northern lights forecast.

The Bottom Line

Tromsø turns into a complete wonderland during winters. It’s a pristine city center that features glimpses of aurora winding overhead and glittering freshly-fallen snow all over the place. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more fantastic adventures, you must do the things mentioned above in Tromsø for a lovely and memorable trip.