Everyone plans to take a break during summer and go somewhere new to take a break from their constant schedule and explore fun places around. If you are looking for a historical place to visit where you can enjoy delicious food and relax on the beaches, then St. Thomas US Virgin Island is the best place for you. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and you can relax with a great view around you. It has natural harbors and bays like Jersey Bay, Hendrik Bay, and Magens Bay and is also known as the gateway to the Caribbean. Here are few things that you can do in St. Thomas US Virgin Island:

Visit Magen’s bay when in St. Thomas US Virgin Island:

Locals and tourists generally prefer to visit Magens Bay as it is the most renowned beach and park on the island. It is located on the north side of the island and is considered the most scenic land. The beach has crystal clear and blue water with white sand, which gives you the feeling of relaxation and adds to the beauty around. The view is worth spending your summer holidays on, and there are various activities that you do like kayaking, swimming and even going out camping. You can also explore around the island and visit the coconut grooves.

Learn about the pirate history of St. Thomas US Virgin Island:

If you are curious about the pirate history going on, you can visit the Pirate Treasure Museum, which is there on the island, to know more about it. It will give you a hands-on experience of the pirate life, and you will get to learn about various stories of the wilderness beneath the crystal blue waters. The museum has various things to share with you when it comes to the pirate’s life, and it is worth knowing about.

Go for flying:

St. Thomas US Virgin IslandYou can get the aerial experience on this island, including port transfers, tours, aerial photography, and various other things through the Caribbean Buzz Helicopters. You will get to see the amazing scenic view through the helicopters, and it is worth the experience. The crew is highly trained with a lot of experience, and you can totally rely on them to give you an incredible experience.

Go snorkeling at the Secret Harbour Beach Resort:

If you love swimming or snorkeling, then there is an ideal place for the same on the island. You can go to the Secret Harbour Beach Resort for snorkeling. You can pick the kind of place you want to stay in while you are there and then experience the water sports, swim around, go snorkeling, spa services, and boat trips. There is a lot to do around in the resort also because it is a vast property and has a lot to offer to the tourists who are coming in to explore the island.

Visit the mountain top:

The mountain top is located on the highest cliff on the island. It is approximately 2100 feet above sea level, which will give you a fantastic view of the entire St. Thomas US Virgin Island and the Caribbean waters around the island. It is known as the famous spot for sightseeing, and there are various cafes and bars that you visit around the place. You will get to see the greenery of the island and the deep blue ocean around.

Go to the 99 steps:

There is a unique landmark on the St. Thomas US Virgin Island, which is known as the 99 steps. It is located in Charlotte Amalie, which is known as the capital of the island and also the cruise ship port. The 99 steps will pass through almost all the hills and will give you an amazing view of the city. It was built during the early 1700s and has been famous ever since it was made. Traveling around the island was considered simpler because of these steps.

See Drake’s Seat on St. Thomas US Virgin Island:

St. Thomas US Virgin IslandDrake’s Seat is known as another popular sightseeing point on the island. It will give you a panoramic view of the entire island, and it was named after Sir Francis Drake, who was a pirate and an explorer during the 16th century. He watched over the ocean from there and attacked later to loot the Spanish ships that were left on the port.

Go for a Skyride to Paradise Point:

Paradise Point is located across the Havensight Cruise Ship Dock, and it will take you to the fantastic place called Paradise Point, which is 700 feet up, where you will be able to view the entire Caribbean. It has a very scenic view, and you can go there through a cable car which will also give you a lot to see throughout the way. You will also get to taste the amazing cuisines after reaching the top because of the places located there. The best part is that you get to play with the parrots on that point, and you can also take a truck or car up to the point if you do not want a cable car experience.

Visit the Red hook on St. Thomas US Virgin Island:

St. Thomas US Virgin IslandOne best thing to visit on the St. Thomas US Virgin Island is the Red Hook because it is known as the party place on the island. It is located on the east side of the island and has houses with red-tiled roofs, making it so popular. There are various restaurants which are worth visiting around in the area with great music.

Do not miss the Aqua Marine Dive Center:

If you want to see the underwater life, then do not miss the Aqua Marine Dive Center because it is worth the diving experience that you will get there. You can take an instructor with you and explore the sea with various coral reefs and shipwrecks.