Ruka- Kuusamo is located in the Northern Ostrobothnia, in northeast Finland. This place is perfect for you to enjoy all year round due to its fabulous nature. However, if you’re a snow lover, then you must prefer to visit Ruka during the winters. 

There is pure mountain air and excellent snow here in winters. Thus, you could also experience different winter sports like downhill skiing, snowmobiling on ice-covered lakes and forests, reindeer sled rides, snowboarding, husky safaris, etc. 

The section below will discuss the Things to Do in Ruka and Kuusamo for a more incredible experience.

Let’s have a look at these points.


1. Stay At Isokenkäisten Klubi


Isokenkäisten Klubi is one of the coziest and most idyllic guest villages situated in the Finnish Lapland countryside, two kilometers from the Russian border. The village personifies the silence that the forest releases giving a sense of natural luxury. 

Thus, it could be the best place for your stay, where you could have utmost peace along with tasty home-cooked meals.

2. Skiing At Ruka

Ruka’s ski season begins in October and ends In May. There are 34 ski hills and 21 ski lifts here. You’ll have an instructor at the route that will be guiding you through all the basics. 

Also, there are tubing and hiking trails you could choose to go on. The best thing about skiing is that while you’re on track, snowmobiling, you’ll also be watching the beautiful scenery and the northern lights in Finland.

3. Pay Your Visit To Riipinen Wild Restaurant

Things To Do In Ruka- Kuusamo

Riipinen Wild Restaurant is near Ruka village and is one of the classic restaurants that offer the most delicious meals. The chefs mainly use the northern ingredients for preparing the local and wild dishes for their customers. 

Thus, if you want to have perfectly cooked and tasty food, then you should go for your dinner at the Riipinen Wild Restaurant.

4. Visit Era- Susi Husky Farm

This farm is the best place; you can go to in Ruka and Kuusamo. There are many sheep, huskies, goats, turkeys, ducks, and hens found here. If you’re looking for a short ride, then you may take a dog sled ride. 

However, for a more exciting tour, you could decide to go for a two-day or 5-day husky safari tour.

5. Explore Lapland Wilderness

Things To Do In Ruka- Kuusamo

You must explore the ethereal and pristine nature that exists in the country. There is a large park in Kuusamo named Oulanka National Park, which covers 270 square kilometers. It is steadily forested and has an attractive river running through it. 

Moreover, you could go hiking at this park for a more enjoyable experience.

The Bottom Line

Ruka is one of the largest ski resorts situated at Kuusamo. The area completely freezes during the winter months, and the temperature goes about -10 C or 14F daily. However, there are still many amazing things that you can do for a more memorable and lovely trip to this beautiful place. 

The points mentioned above could be also helpful for you in making your trip more exciting.