Do you also love snow? Well, your presence here could loudly speak on your behalf. Glacier National Park has a spectacular reputation for excellent snow and ice every winter. Thus, if you’re a snow lover and planning for a hiking trip, then you would be assured of the most incredible experience at this beautiful spot. Also, no matter which season you’re traveling here, you will indeed have the most exciting and adventurous trip. 

The best thing about the Glacier National Park in Winter is that it entirely turns into a fantastic wonderland that features beautiful lush meadows, abundant wildlife, towering peaks, and alpine lakes. You would definitely not want to miss out on any adventure here, so you must know about all the different things that you’ll do here.

The section below will discuss some essential things you must try at Glacier National Park in Winter.

Let’s look at such things.

When Does Winter Season Start In Glacier National Park?

The Winter season is quite long in this area, and it generally begins in December and goes on till February end. After this month, usually, the snowfall starts. 157 inches of snow occurs every year at the main headquarters and 29 inches near the west glacier.

5 Things To Do In Glacier National Park In Winter

  • Ice Fishing

Glacier National Park in Winter

Ice fishing is a great winter activity that you must do in the national glacier park. You may require your average tackle like bobbles, hooks, sinkers, some salmon eggs, and a shelter for this extraordinary adventure.

  • Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a winter activity you would love doing, along with watching more than 60 species of mammals in the national park.

  • Hike To Apikuni Falls

The roundtrip hike at the Apikuni falls is about 2 miles and steep climbs about 625 feet. This climbing experience could be more dreamy and fascinating for you, and along with this, you could also clearly watch some wildlife that may greet you, like a mule deer, chipmunks, and squirrels.

  • Go To Lake McDonald

For experiencing the most beautiful view, you must go hiking at McDonald Lake. You must also do cross-country ski and snowshoe on the Mc Donald Creek Bridge, which is about 1.8-3 miles long.

  • Hike Fish Creek To Apgar

Glacier National Park in Winter

Fish Creek Campground is mainly the starting point of most hiking trails which is the best amongst all. The hike is about 7 miles and offers you impressive landscapes and views. Also, the best thing about these trails is that you would also see a glimpse of rural areas and wild bears.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve already had Glacier National Park on your travel wish list, It would be best for you to start with the preparations with all the essentials that you may require. This beautiful hiking paradise can be your best experience, and you may not want to miss out on anything. Therefore, you should go through the activities mentioned above to make your trip more memorable.