Acadia is one of the most beautiful National Parks no matter which season you decide to go there, but during winters you get to enjoy a lot of snow activities which aren’t there otherwise. The best time to travel to Acadia during winter is December, January, and February. You can do various activities and go sightseeing to enjoy the season and environment.

Here are some things that you can do in Acadia during winter

  • Ocean drive:

Ocean Drive

The ocean drive starts from 1st December, and there are two sections that are open for this activity: Jordan Pond Road and Ocean Drive. You can see the most popular sites that are there in this park through this fantastic drive. It is also suggested to stay in the right lane because the left lane gets open for the snowmobiles. 

  • Cross country skiing: 

Cross country skiing is the most fun activity that you can do in Acadia during winter. There are volunteers and Acadia Winter Trails Association people who keep track and groom the area to see if the snow is at least 6 inches and the road is frozen in order for the skiing to be safe. Make sure to check about the area before going skiing because the roads keep changing and it isn’t stable. 

  • Snowshoeing:


Who doesn’t love to go snowshoeing, and if you visit Acadia during winter, then you get to enjoy this activity? There are around 120 miles of hiking area for snowshoeing, and you also get to see the amazing sights around the area. The cliff has the perfect incline, which also makes it the perfect location for snowshoeing, and it is also known as the longest trail. The people who do not have a lot of experience in snowshoeing can go for Ship Harbor and Wonderland because they are around 1.5 miles but if you want to hike to the top, then choose the Day Mountain Trail. You can reach the top in two ways, which are through Jordan Pond or Seal Harbor. 

  • Snowmobiling: 

Snowmobiling should only be done on unplowed roads and at the maximum speed of 35 mph. There are various rules and regulations for the park for the safety of people, which should be followed by everyone. It is only allowed if the snow is enough to get through it, or else the activity doesn’t happen. 

  • Eagle lake: 

Eagle Lake

Eagle lake is a must-visit if you are going to Acadia National Park because it is one of the most beautiful locations that are there in the park. It has views of lakes, woods, and mountains all around the place. Carriage roads surround the lake, and you can always explore everything around. If the lake is frozen enough, then skiing is allowed on the lake. 

  • Birdwatching at the Schoodic Point in Acadia during winter

Schoodic Point is known as the spot from where you can spot various birds. You will get a guided tour through the park where you will get to see various species and unique birds that are present in the Acadia’s wildlife. You will spot birds like razorbills, murres, black-capped chickadees, eagles, owls, and much more. To get to the point, you have to take an hour’s drive from the Hulls Cove Visitor Center, which is on Mount Desert Island. You will also find a picnic area after entering the park where you can also chill for some time. 

  • Camp at Acadia during winter

Camp at Acadia during winter

During the wintertime, the Blackwood Campground is open for camping, and it is also for free. The location is perfect for people who are experiencing winter camping for the first time, and it is the vibe that you’ll never forget. The campaign ground is located at the South of Bar Harbor on Route 3. 

Hike on the Pemetic Mountain: 

You can also go for a fun hike on the Pemetic Mountain, which is going to be challenging and also fun. You have to walk effortlessly through the trails to reach the destination, but you get to enjoy the view around the place. It is a very picturesque view with mountains and trees surrounding the place. The name of this mountain was given by Native Americans, and its meaning is ‘the sloping land’. You can reach the mountain from both the north and south points. It is one of the most fun hikes that you will get to experience in Acadia during winter.