There’s something unique about Arches National Park during winters with invigorating weather, low crowds, and quiet trails. It is the most recognizable and iconic national park, which is also known as “Big Five” or “Mighty Five.”

Thus, if you’re planning for a funfilled winter trip in the US away from crowds and a lot more outdoor adventure, then you won’t have a better place to visit than Arches National Park. 

The section below will discuss some essential tips and things you may do in Arches National Park in Winter.

Tips To Consider While Going On Arches National Park

Arches National Park in Winter

  • Since there will be extremely cold, you must be covered with the right clothes and footwear such as hiking boots / waterproof shoes, a Fleece jacket, Comfortable socks, Gloves or mittens, a hat, and etc
  • To protect yourself from the UV rays, you must carry sunscreen with you
  • A water bottle is a must, and you should always have it
  • There could be mosquitoes in your surroundings, so make sure that you have insect and mosquito repellent with you
  • You must not forget the other essential things like the first aid kit to treat your minor injuries and a power bank to charge your phones
  • The best places for your stay could be either at Devils Garden Campground, Springhill Suites Moab, or the red cliffs lodge

Things To Do At Arches National Park

Park Avenue View Point

Arches National Park in Winter

This is mainly the first scenic stop that you will encounter 5.8 km after Arches National Park. Park avenue trail is a moderate hike soaring rock skyline of curiously carved towers and massive fins. Here you could have the most spectacular warm-up and roundtrip hike along the trails.

Devils Garden Trail

It is a long hike with a 7-mile loop with different offshoots. In this trial, you will see the giant landscape arch that suspends itself through the air. However, you will also require some detours to reach Navajo or Pine Tree Arches while you’re along the primitive trail.


Arches National Park in Winter

The dark skies in the Arches National park make it the most beautiful and can give you an excellent opportunity for stargazing. Looking at the sky at night could be the best thing you may do as you could also enjoy the beauty of the milky way other than the stars.

Photography In The Park

Since there is more crowd during the summers, you won’t be able to capture clear pictures. However, during the winter, you won’t face any problems with groups. Also, you could capture the best of images when there is snow on the ground with beautiful surroundings and sky.

The Bottom Line

Planning a trip to Arches National Park could be your best decision to make. It’s not only a place to have fun, but you will also be free from the crowd in the beauty of nature. Also, there are various famous arches where you could go hiking. 

Furthermore, it would help if you went through the tips mentioned above for the most unforgettable and memorable vacation