There are unique places in Norway during winter, and Lofoten is one such place. You get to enjoy all the winter sports and see the northern lights. It is a stunning place to visit during winters because of the views, sports, and many more things.

Here is the Lofoten winter guide to help you find out about the things you can do in Lofoten. 

  • Surf at the Unstad Arctic Surf Resort: 

Surf at the Unstad Arctic Surf Resort: 

The first thing to do on the Lofoten winter guide is surfing, as it is possible because of the temperature of the water. The water temperature stays consistent around 8-14C, and it is one of the unique activities you will get to do in Lofoten. The Unstad Arctic Surf Resort is a prevalent one, and it helps you offer surfing lessons and opportunities whenever the time is right. If you are a beginner, then Unstad will help you perfect your skills or teach you something new. Not just the surfing, but there are plenty of other things that you can do there like explore the surroundings, or have the best cinnamon bun. 

  • Lofoten winter guide includes sea eagle safari: 

Another popular activity that you can do in Lofoten is the sea eagle safari through the Trollfjord, which is a narrow and mystical path located close to the Svolvaer. You will also get the RIB safaris, where you will get to feed the sea eagles their lunch and watch them fly around and over the water. It is one experience that will bring you a step closer to watching these amazing creatures on the planet fly around and photograph them. 

  • Go for snowshoeing: 

Go for snowshoeing:

Snowshoeing is an ideal activity to do in Lofoten during winter. You can also go hiking but make sure to dress according to the weather. The temperatures in Lofoten are milder than in many other regions in Norway, but still, there is plenty of snow around. You can also take a private experience for snowshoeing or go later to watch the northern lights. You also need to make sure that you have experienced people because it can get dark and cold out there. 

  • Hunt down the northern lights: 

Another amazing thing to do in the Lofoten winter guide is to hunt down the northern lights. You can see the northern lights easily in Lofoten, but you need to know the right path and way to do it. You can join a tour with more experienced aurora chasers, which might help you go to the right spot to see the northern lights. You can chase the lights for a few hours, and that is one magical view that you will get to experience in life. 

  • Visit the Viking museum: 

Visit the Viking museum: 

Explore more:

If you want to learn more about the history of Lofoten, then you can visit the Viking museum, which will tell you a lot about the place. There are houses built by the Vikings, and you will get to know how things used to happen earlier. 

  • Go to the winter wonderland at the magic ice bar in Svolvaer: 

It is one of the main attractions in Lofoten that you shouldn’t miss out on. There is a Magic Ice Bar which is the world’s first permanent ice gallery. You will get to see various ice sculptures, Viking history and a lot more inside the Ice Bar. The best part is that the things inside the bar are purely made of ice, and once you are done exploring around the bar, you can get yourself a cold cocktail and enjoy the view around you. Winter is usually the best time to visit this bar because it feels like an Arctic party happening inside, but it is open during summers. 

  • Northern lights horseback riding on Gimsoy: 

Other than all the experiences listed on this Lofoten winter guide, the most amazing one is to go for a horseback ride in Lofoten. Gimsoy has an Icelandic horse farm that will offer you rides on sandy beaches on the island. You can choose any package that you want, but the one that is the most recommended is the one that will take you on a ride below the northern lights because that is one dreamy surrounding that you would want to be in. If you do not prefer the horseback ride, you can also go to the lodges and enjoy the northern lights. Also, make sure to carry warm clothes with you because it gets freezing out there.