Jamaica is a beautiful country in the Caribbean with mountains, beaches, oceans, rainforests and much more. The beaches offer a lot of water activities like diving, snorkeling and much more and the mountains give the perfect landscape view of the country. There are a lot of things that you can do in Jamaica, but there are a lot of things that you shouldn’t do either. 

Here is a list of do’s and don’t while visiting Jamaica

Do’s while visiting Jamaica: 

1. Take lots of sunscreens: 

Visiting Jamaica

The Caribbean sun can be harsh on the skin, so take and apply a lot of sunscreens every time you step out of the resort. While you relax on the beach, it is also essential to take good care of the skin so that it doesn’t burn or tan a lot. 

2. Plan going to all the best places: 

Visiting Jamaica

Plan the trip in detail before visiting Jamaica as there are a lot of places that you wouldn’t want to miss. Search for all the best restaurants, clubs, monuments, places to see and then visit accordingly. The trip gets a lot better if you plan everything and then visit the place because then you don’t miss out on visiting the best-known places in the city. 

Dont’s while visiting Jamaica: 

1. Don’t use the American Dollar: 

Visiting Jamaica

It is suggested to use the Jamaican dollar when you are visiting Jamaica because that is much easier. It is allowed to use the American dollar there, but it is easier to use the local currency because then you don’t have to worry about the exchange rate. It is always easier to use the currency of the country where you are traveling because then you don’t have to worry and do the math of conversion all the time. 

2. Do not explore the city in the car: 

Do's and Dont's

Jamaica is a wonderful place to explore while walking around, so avoid going around in cars all the time. It isn’t worth to explore the city in the car because you can miss out on a lot of beautiful things. The cabs are also extremely expensive so when you are planning to travel to distant places in the city then rent a car because it will be much cheaper. 

3. Avoid local seafood: 

Visiting Jamaica

Avoid the local seafood in the city at all costs because it isn’t always fresh. It is very tempting to see a variety of seafood, but you should avoid eating it because the quality is not good and you will pay a lot of money for that. 

4. Don’t travel alone with strangers: 

Do's and Dont's

Avoid taking rides with the stranger or being alone with them because a lot of areas in the city are not safe and you can be a victim of crime. It is essential to take care of your safety while visiting Jamaica so you can talk to strangers but avoid taking a ride along with them so that you stay safe.