The Chateau Cinderella address is in the city of Mons, province of Hainaut, Belgium. It was built in the 1860s, after the French Revolution. Once upon a time, The Chateau Cinderella was a grand building where it is said that Cinderella, her late mother, and father used to live.

It was then revealed by the narrator that the mansion had fallen into disrepair.  The beautiful Chateau is surrounded by a 15 hectares park, well-maintained, and fresh grass. There are flourished restaurants and stores, too nearby. Let’s explore the abandoned Chateau.

Places of Interest in Cinderella Chateau Address

Chateau Cinderella Address

Would you like to go back to the movie to recall Chateau’s interior? Starting with a hall, it was the first thing to see in the Chateau. Cinderella used to clean this place by herself. There is a long tower where Cinderella used to sleep. It also had a staircase leading to mini-tower. The Chateau even included a room of Tremaine until she became the maid in the movie. She was then asked to work in the King’s Castle which is accessible to the third door of the hallway.

There was a beautiful kitchen in the mansion for Cinderella to cook food and serve her stepfamily. One can’t forget the big garden outside the pumpkin garden. This was Cinderella’s place where she created a pumpkin coach. And met her Fairy Grandmother. The entire Chateau Cinderella address was a place that gave you a complete princess feeling. This is not yet the detailed interior. There’s much more to it which is not known in history.

What is it about the backside of the Chateau?

Chateau Cinderella Address

Earlier, the local people took this place for the rich peeps resides to relish. This area was later renewed into a hotel driveway. The bags and luggage of the guests were loaded at the backside of the Chateau to take them to their respective rooms. The hotel, although small, was known for its captivating beauty. It included all the luxurious facilities.

The rooms were really gorgeous-styled. The hotel had a room which attracted everyone who has visited the place. There was a children’s room which had a red rug on the floor. The rug was made up of pure woolen material. The room looked spooky where the wind made the curtains blow so fast.

The hotel rooms had fireplaces to escape the cold. The windows of the rooms produced lovely views of the garden and beautiful trees.

What made the abandoned Chateau convert into a hotel?

Chateau Cinderella Address

How can such a grand castle decay? There are reasons for everything. We will help you know the secret. The Chateau Cinderella Address was that the owner of this place took an ample of projects. The hotel was not on the top of the priority list. But, he gave his time to the projects which were not in good condition. No project was as good as a hotel.

There were discussions held about the renovation of the grand Chateau but it started decaying even more badly. The situation of the Chateau got worse. Adding to it, the hotel project was then handled by one of the owner’s business partners. Ultimately, the owner was asked to sell the hotel due to the increased risks of decay. Now, because of the poor condition of that place, it has no option left except for tearing it down.

The Cinderella Chateau remains an untold story. Recently in 2014, it was planned to make a wellness center out of the great Chateau. But since the permission was not granted, the idea of wellness center was also denied.


Cinderella Mansion

The Cinderella Chateau provides you with lots of nostalgic moments when you as a kid used to watch the beautiful Cinderella movie. Chateau Cinderella Address is one of the precious places built after the French Revolution.

There are rubble piles seen everywhere in the Chateau now. Walls are now crumbled and the floors are ripped out. Even though the Chateau is damaged from inside, it still gives a beautiful silhouette during the dusk