Everyone loves to go out on vacation and choose the best resort for their stay.

Who doesn’t wanna have a great bathroom which overlooks the best view of the city?

There is a different and relaxing feeling of having a bathroom with a view.

There are many hotels that have the best of the bathrooms that will surprise you with the view.

Imagine having a good time soaking in the bathtub with bubbles and a glass of drink while enjoying the view of the city.

It is the best relaxation part after having fun outside in the city and exploring the place.

Here are ten sensational hotel bath views that will surprise you:

1 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa in South Africa:

hotel bath views
Source: south-african-hotels

South Africa is known for adventures and amazing views, but the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
adds to the amazing view from the bathroom of the city, which is very relaxing.

After having a fun-filled day outside, you can always come back to the hotel and enjoy the relaxing bath
with the view as the hotel is surrounded by the twelve mountain range with water bodies
around it.

The mountains are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which gives a
fantastic view from the bathroom.

2 InterContinental in Hong Kong:

hotel bath views
Source: scmp

As we all know that Hong Kong has a very dramatic and amazing skyline, which is like a delight to the eyes.

There are skyscrapers, surrounded by mountains and a lot of beautiful things which give a very great view.

The city glows up with lights in the evening, which makes it even prettier.

The InterContinental hotel gives a view of this amazing skyline with glowing lights at night when you can relax in the bathtub with a glass of champagne in your hand.

3 Chalet Grace in Zermatt:

hotel bath views
Source: leotrippi

Switzerland is known for the amazing view of snowy mountains all around the place, and the same way Zermatt is a beautiful city.

It has mountains all around the place where skiers can go to have the best of the time.

Chalet Grace hotel bath views are amazing as it faces across the valley.

You can enjoy the luxury bathroom with an amazing and sensational view around.

4 Raffles Praslin in Seychelles:

hotel bath views
Source: en.wikipedia

Raffles Praslin, which overlooks the beach Anse Lazio which is known as a gorgeous beach,
gives an amazing view of the hotel’s room and bathroom.

You can have a relaxing bath with a great view of the beach and the mountains around the area.

Every villa is placed in a way that the bathrooms will face towards the beach and lush green mountains with a great view.

5 Lake Vyrnwy in Wales:

Source: ie.linkedin

The hotel Lake Vyrnwy will surprise you with the delightful interiors and amazing view from the bathroom.

The view is so great that it wouldn’t look like you are somewhere in the middle of New Zealand.

If you ever go to Wales then don’t forget to visit this place and stay in the hotel which will give you the view of the mountain-ringed lake.

It has one of the best hotel bath views.

6 Pier One Sydney Harbour in Australia:

hotel bath views
Source: qantas

The Pier one Sydney Harbour hotel is one of the best ones in Australia, which will give you a great view of the city from the bathroom.

It has a fantastic collection of bathrooms in the stylish property and gives the best views from the bathroom.

You can always book a suite in the hotel to get a view of the city and also enjoy the amazing bathroom.

7 Singita Boulders Lodge in South Africa:

Source: luxurysafarilodges

South Africa is known for the amazing wildlife that it has, and there is nothing better than having a great bathroom that faces and has the view of elephants having refreshments.

The lodge has around 12 bedrooms, which is set in the wildlife reserve and gives an amazing view from each room.

You can relax while looking at the sand river and also some elephants drinking at the lake.

It’s amazing to watch the wildlife while relaxing your time in the bathroom.

8 Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa in the Maldives:

hotel bath views
Source: booking

The Maldives is a beautiful place filled with amazing resorts, but the Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa is gorgeous as it comes with the pretty ocean view and has overwater villas, which is excellent.

It is a popular honeymoon destination that offers a great view and amazing stay.

You can always enjoy a warm bath in these amazing luxurious bathrooms with the view of the ocean, which has crystal blue water.

It is very soothing to relax in this place as it is beautiful and offers amazing hotel bath views.

9 Mandarin Oriental in New York:

Source: outthere

There is nothing better than the New York skyline as it is one of the most amazing skylines in the world.

The Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York offers a great view of the skyline of manhattan and also greenery around the place.

The hotel has beautiful bathrooms, which will give you the perfect view of the skyline with the lush green surroundings.

Hotel bath views from the Mandarin Oriental are amazing because of New York City.

10 Villa Kalisha in Bali:

hotel bath views
Source: villakalisha

Bali is one of the most famous travel destinations, and a lot of people prefer to go there because it is a party and adventurous place both at the same time.

The Villa Kalisha is in between the lush green jungle, which gives it a fantastic view of the scenery outside.

You can see the greenery and volcanoes outside of the bathroom while relaxing in the copper bathtub, which is in the bathroom.

The bathroom is also very luxurious and pretty, which will give you the perfect hotel bath views.

The bathroom will make you feel very relaxed, and then the amazing scenic view will add more to it.

It is a must-have experience if you visit Bali because it is known for its beautiful surroundings.