Christmas is a very merry festival, and it is celebrated by people all around the world in different ways. It’s a very happy festival which comes at the end of every year. Christmas is all about Santa Claus for kids, decorating the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, happiness, joy and enjoying tasty food. Food is the essence of every holiday and the same way you can celebrate Christmas with Thai Christmas food. Thai food is very popular, and people love to have it, this is one reason why you should have a variety of Thai food during Christmas too. Trying out new cuisines other than following the same one makes the holidays even more interesting. 

Thai food is known for its amazing flavor and color. Here is a list of Thai Christmas food which you can enjoy during the holiday: 

1. Sticky rice and mango made with coconut cream: 

thai christmas food

It is one of the classic Thai dishes which is made with fresh coconut cream. The coconut cream gives it a very different and subtle flavor which goes well along with the tangy flavor of mangoes. You can make the dish on the pandanus leaves and enjoy the different flavors infused together in one dish. 

2.  Vegetable platter with a yummy peanut dip: 

thai christmas food

It is one of the best Thai Christmas foods because it’s easy and you can munch these any time. You just need to have a platter of fresh vegetables and a bowl of peanut dipping sauce. You can dip the vegetables and have the amazing blend of dipping sauce and vegetables in your mouth. It is a very famous dish for Christmas parties as you can keep these platters ready on the table before serving the main course. It is a very healthy dish and preferred by all vegetarians. 

3. Pad Thai noodles: 

thai christmas food

It is a very classic Thai dish, and you can also have this as Thai Christmas food. Everyone loves to eat pad thai noodles because of the fantastic flavors that the recipe incorporates. It is consumed so much that it should be tagged as the national dish in Thailand. The noodles are really thin and rice-based, which is then mixed with yummy sauce and vegetables. There is nothing tastier than having pad thai noodles during Christmas time. 

4. Mini Thai fish cakes: 

thai christmas food

The dinner is never complete without having seafood infused with all the Thai ingredients. The non-vegetarians love to munch on the amazing Thai fish cakes. You can either munch on these fish cakes separately or have it with the rice. It is usually served as finger food in the parties. 

5. Som Tam: 

thai christmas food

It is one of the most popular Thai dishes which can be made as Thai Christmas food. It is a classic and a famous salad which people love to eat before their main course. The dish is made with lots of vegetables and a different type of Thai sauce which adds flavor in it. It is a very famous Thai street food, and you can always have som tam. 

6. Thai curry: 

thai christmas food

Thai curry is made with different ingredients and in different ways. The lunch or dinner is never complete without a Thai curry. It is one of the best Thai Christmas foods because it will fill your stomach and give you an amazing aftertaste. The bowl with all the ingredients looks very colorful and festive in itself. You can serve it with coconut milk during the holidays and enjoy your Christmas vibes.