Svalbard islands lie in the middle of the Arctic Ocean between Norway and the North Pole. These wild islands usually arise from the sea imposing mesmerizing glaciers, cliffs, and snowy peaks. 

The intimidating island has been home to the most valuable treasures of the Arctic, like the mysterious northern lights that seem during the winter in skies and the elusive polar bear. 

Although it is a bit complex to see these lights, and you must have the right assets to look upon them clearly without any hustle. To know precisely about the tips for your trip to this fantastic destination, you must go through the Svalbard Northern Lights Guide

Tips To Watch Svalbard Northern Lights

See The Aurora In Svalbard &Beyond

The most important thing that you must know is that the lights that appear in winters are much clear and free from the cloud cover blockage. Also, you must look around 10-11 pm late at night, as the lights appear more commonly during this time.

Use The Right Tool To Capture

Svalbard Northern Lights Guide

As you’ll be watching the most fantastic view in front of your eyes, it is pretty evident that you would want to capture these northern lights. For this, you must have a camera with a 24mm (pancake lens) or a wide-angle, manual focus, remote, spare batteries and a sturdy tripod, etc.

Set Up Your Camera Settings

If you want to have a crisp and clear picture, you must adjust the camera settings accordingly. Follow the instructions mentioned below for the perfect adjustments to your camera.

  • Firstly, you will have to lower your F stop to open the lens 
  • Then, look for the correct ISO settings for your camera, which must be higher but below ISO 800 or ISO 1600
  • Lastly, you’ll be required to adjust the shutter speed as per your photography conditions. Go for a longer shutter speed with weaker displays

Put Manual Focus

Svalbard Northern Lights Guide

Manual focus is quite essential to have a clear picture. So, after you’ve adjusted your camera settings, the next thing you’ll be doing is to switch the lens to manual focus. It could be a lot more helpful in taking pictures of the lights appropriately.

Remote And Tripod

Your camera must standstill during windy conditions, and for that, you will need a sturdy tripod. Along with this, a camera remote is also beneficial for you, as you won’t be touching it for the photograph. It will result in clear pictures.


Svalbard Northern Lights Guide

Headlamps are essential as they can easily paint you in the picture. All you’re required to do is stand still when your partner shines a light on your body

Spare Batteries

The camera batteries run out more quickly during winters, so it would be wise to carry some additional batteries that would help you in such cases.

The Bottom Line

Svalbard Northern Lights are the most amazing things that will surely make your winter trip the best. However, it is not that easy to watch these lights due to some factors. 

You would need the right equipment that may help you watch and capture these lights. Moreover, you could consider the tips mentioned above to have the best view of the Svalbard northern lights.

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