The Canadians are blessed with the best natural sources around them like the Candian waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and lakes. These are some places and views that you wouldn’t want to miss watching if you are in the country. It is absolutely stunning and comes with a great view around it. Here is a list of 6 best Canadian waterfalls worth visiting once: 

1. Athabasca Falls: 

Canadian Waterfalls

The Athabasca falls are located in the Jasper National Park in Alberta. The waterfall is very stunning, but the natural view around the waterfall adds to the beauty more. The river that flows after the waterfall cuts through the limestone and flows amazingly in swirling whirlpools. There are mountains all around this waterfall which makes it look even more beautiful

2. Niagara Falls: 

Canadian Waterfalls

Niagara falls is one of the most famous Canadian waterfalls, and it is located in Ontario. The Niagara Falls is made up of three different waterfalls which actually gives it the name of horseshoe falls. Years ago the glaciers were formed on the waterfalls, and it also gave different colors to the water because of the dissolved salt in it. Niagara falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the world. 

3. Helmcken Falls: 

Canadian Waterfalls

Helmcken Falls is located in the Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia, and it is said that the park was created to protect this powerful Canadian waterfall. The waterfall is so powerful that it has created a big canyon at the bottom and during the winters it gets all icy and amazing. The waterfall is located in-between nature, and it adds up to the beauty of this waterfall. 

4. Takakkaw Falls:

most beautiful

The Canadian waterfall, Takakkaw Falls, is located in Yoho National Park, which is in British Columbia. The word Takakkaw is translated from the words ‘Cree Loosely’ which translates to Magnificently. You can drive up to this waterfall and then enjoy the view from a height. The waterfall is easily visible from far, but the view from near is worth all the drive or hike. 

5. Albion Falls: 

Canadian Waterfalls

Albion Falls is located in Ontario in Canada, and it’s beautiful. There are huge mountains and pretty rocks all around the waterfall, which gives the waterfall a more pretty view. It is a very picturesque waterfall, and it is called one of the most graceful waterfalls in Canada. 

6. Panther Falls: 

most beautiful

The Panther Waterfall is located in Banff National Park, which is in Alberta. The national park was the first park in Canada, and it has a fantastic view all around the waterfall. It is spread over 2,564 square miles, and the national park is really huge. There are plenty of mountains, glaciers, rivers, forests, and valleys in this national park

Waterfalls are always stunning with a magnificent landscape all around it. There is breezy air, and the little droplets of water keep slashing here and there. Waterfalls are worth every view around, and these are some best Canadian waterfalls that deserve at least one visit. It is very mesmerizing to watch the waterfall while standing somewhere in-between nature.