There is nothing better than having seafood while being on vacation. Maui is the best place to try new seafood dishes as the variety of seafood found in Maui restaurants are more than any other place. There are fantastic Maui seafood restaurants, and they are all a must-try if you are traveling to this beautiful place for holidays. You can enjoy the beach vibes and watch dolphins jumping on the surface of the water. The seafood restaurants have all types of menus needed by the customer. 

Here is a list of Maui seafood restaurants which is a must-try if you are visiting Maui for vacations: 

1. Kihei Cafe: 

Maui Seafood restaurant

Kihei is a casual restaurant in Maui, and the menu is written on a chalkboard which keeps on changing every day. The vibe of the restaurant is very boho kind, and you can find different types of chairs and tables in the restaurant. The restaurant specializes in breakfasts and brunches, so it offers the best variety of seafood for breakfast and brunch time. 

2. Taverna: 

Maui Seafood restaurant

As the name suggests, Taverna is a new modern Maui seafood restaurant with a modern and rustic ambiance. There is a sports bar and restaurant that makes a lot of people come in during the happy hour. The restaurant is known for its delicious beef and bacon meatballs and many more such amazing seafood dishes. 

3. The plantation house: 

Maui Seafood restaurant

The plantation house restaurant is located in Kapalua’s lush Plantation Golf Course, and it’s a great place to sometimes drop for fine dining. Beef and Australian lamb are very popular in this place, and it’s also a great restaurant to have some alone time by dining alone. There are a variety of seafood dishes on the menu, and the presentation is impressive. 

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4. Mama’s fish house: 

beautiful place for holidays

Mama’s fish house is a fantastic Paia restaurant, and it has an ocean view all around the restaurant. All the people here will greet you with a full Hawaiian trend as they’ll be wearing floral print shirts. The exotic seafood is served with amazing cocktails. The restaurant believes in serving only fresh seafood, and that’s why the menu keeps changing on an everyday basis. 

5. One Tacos: 

Maui Seafood restaurant

One Tacos is a food truck that is very famous for its seafood. There are many dishes with fishes, shrimps, and other seafood items. The prices are really low, which makes it an excellent place for having lunch or dinner if you are looking for an affordable Maui seafood restaurant.,

6. Merriman’s Maui: 

beautiful place for holidays

Merriman’s Maui is a fantastic Maui seafood restaurant and has a gorgeous oceanic view. It is a very romantic and amazing restaurant with the best candlelight vibes around. The dishes are made using local seafood ingredients, and it is a must-visit place. If you are in Maui, then do visit this place because it is a worthy place for having dinner after a long day in Maui.