Making travel plans is the second-best source of joy after Travelling itself.

However, due to the recent COVID19 Pandemic, most of the traveling has halted.

But doesn’t it make this the best time to make future travel plans?

At least we’d like to believe so.

This is why we’ve come up with this list for some great places to visit in the UK.

1. Keswick, Lake District

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Keswick is a delightful little town in the northern regions of the Lake District.

Something about the landscape here is poetic.

This might explain why Keswick was the source of Inspiration for renowned poets like William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Situated on the shores of the blue Derwentwater Lake, this medieval market town is surrounded by many clifftops that offer some really great walking and cycling trails.

2. Castleton, Peak District

Places to visit in the UK
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Castleton is a haven for Cyclists, Hikers, and Wanderers.

Surrounded by lush Greenhills that serve as the starting point for some of the best walks in the country, this tiny village attracts a lot of enthusiasts every year.

Apart from the hiking and trails, the Castleton is laced with beautiful stone houses situated on the streets filled with old pubs and tea rooms.

The area is also home to many caves and caverns that are some amazing sites to explore.

With all this packed in one location, Castleton is a worthy mention for some amazing places to visit in the UK.

3. Buttermere, Lake District

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Another name from the Lake District, Buttermere is another natural beauty spot.

This town sits in a basin surrounded by peaks and hills carved out by a giant glacier.

Once connected, Buttermere Lake and Crummock Water were separated by years of landslides and glacial split.

The Buttermere Village feels pretty remote compared to other neighboring tourist hotspots.

This makes it a great setting for peaceful walks or cycling with your own thoughts.

4. Trevose Head, Cornwall

SOURCE: nationaltrust

Trevose Head can be found on the Atlantic Coast of northern Cornwall.

This place contains the soul of Cornwall’s Coastline.

Situated on top of the surrounding wilderness and ruggedness of the Cornish Coastline, there is a nineteenth-century lighthouse that makes it a postcard-pretty site.

The area is a known nesting ground for skylarks, linnets, and corn buntings who can all be easily spotted here.

You can visit Trevose Head for photography trips or exploring on foot or for simply savoring the panoramic views of the Cornwall Coast on a clear day.

Nothing will disappoint you.

5. Longshaw Estate, Peak District

Places to visit in the UK
SOURCE: visitpeakdistrict

Wander through the moorlands, woodlands, and farmlands as you explore the stretches of the Longshadow Estate.

Packed with countless streams crisscrossing through ancient oak woods, the walking trails are laced with a patchwork of heather and gorse.

Centuries of winds and weather have softened with gritstone boulders into beautiful natural sculptures.

The best advice while meandering through the trails is to keep your camera handy.

While there are many sights worth capturing, a few watchful patient spotters are rewarded with sightings of Red Deers, Lapwings, or European Pied Flycatchers.

The Longshaw Estate is one of the unique experiences among the places to visit in the UK.

6. Glencoe, Scotland

SOURCE: lovefromscotland

For the unacquainted, Glen refers to a secluded and narrow valley.

However, for the Scottish, it is a name for over 40 such places around a Glen of volcanic origins.

However, it is largely used to refer to the widely known village situated in the foothills of the Highlands of Scotlands.

It is named after the River Coe that runs through it.

Glencoe, with its massive scale and ferocity, has a mysterious quality that makes it feel otherworldly.

This dramatic mountain pass is dotted with waterfalls and walking tracks.

It is a trendy spot for mountain biking and hillwalking.

This glen is widely recognized as the home of Scotland’s mountaineering.

Situated across these scenic backgrounds are the quaint houses of the village that are tucked into the beautiful hillside.

7. Halesworth, Suffolk

Places to visit in the UK
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Halesworth is a lovely market town situated in the highly underrated county of Suffolk.

Suffolk is without a doubt the prettiest countryside among any place that you visit in the UK.

A former Roman settlement, Halesworth now serves as the perfect base for your nearby explorations through the Suffolk terrains.

A short walk across the countryside will get you to the Valley Farm Vineyards.

It is an award-winning winery that is renowned for offering great tours and tasting activities.

There are four local pubs in Halesworth and plenty more situated along the walks through the lush countryside.

8. St Agnes, Cornwall

SOURCE: visitcornwall

Another Cornish gem to feature in the best places to visit in the UK is the village of St. Agnes.

Situated on the north coast of Cornwall, this historic town is affectionately called as Aggie by the locals.

The streets are lined with shops and delightful pubs while the steep hills are sparsely populated with beautiful stone houses.

Popular among the village locals and surfers are the Gulls that soar across the rocky and sandy beaches of St. Agnes.

9. Bakewell, Peak District

Places to visit in the UK
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It’s unsurprising to see people only associating Bakewell with its namesake tart.

However, Bakewell is a beautiful town situated on the banks of the River Wye.

It is the biggest town in the Peak District.

Best known for its delicious Pudding, Bakewell’s stone buildings, medieval stone bridge, and quaint courtyards are particularly popular among travelers and painters alike.

The place is just too romantic to miss from on your list of places to visit in the UK.

On Mondays, the whole place comes alive with the bustling Bakewell market which has been running since the 1330s.

10. Fort William, Scotland

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Fort William is one of the rainiest spots in all the Scottish Lands.

Scenic beauty is a term you’ll often find yourself using to describe the place and its surroundings.

On the few clear days, you can find the reflections of nearby mountains glistening in the turquoise waters of
Loch Linnhe.

With numerous spots for activities like walking, climbing, skiing, or mountain biking, Fort William has earned a reputation of " Outdoor Capital of the UK"