Theme parks are always fun and exciting, but they always have some scary rides on it. There are huge rides which can scare you a lot before hopping on them. It all looks exciting from the outside, but once you sit in it and ride while cutting through the wind, all you can do is yell and enjoy the moment. Sometimes these dangerous rides bring out the excitement. There are plenty of rides that a theme park has and it’s thrilling to try them all. There is nothing more important than safety in such parks, and that will always be the priority. 

Here is a list of the five most dangerous theme park rides

1. Roller coaster: 

Most dangerous theme park rides

Roller coasters are thrilling and amazing, but they can also be dangerous. There are huge roller coasters in some theme parks which have a lot of twists and turns that can be dangerous. Even though everything is well fixed and taken care of, one cannot deny that Roller coasters can be one of the most dangerous theme park rides ever. It is a fast ride and doesn’t stop in between even though it slows down at some turns. 

2. The waterslide: 

Horrifying Amusement Park

The waterslide can be one of the most dangerous theme park rides as one just slides with the flow of water. It can be dangerous because of the slipperiness of the water even though it is a very fun ride. They are not like usual slides because waterslides are incredibly long, and it will always seem never-ending while riding on it. You will end up in a pool of water at the end of the slide. There have been some accidents on the waterslide, but safety measures are always taken before letting people ride on it now. 

3. The river rafting ride: 

Horrifying Amusement Park

There is a river in the amusement park where huge tyres are placed in the water so that four passengers can sit in each and enjoy the rides. Usually, in this ride, there are no seat belt or safety bars in the tyres which can make it risky and dangerous for the passengers. Some amusement parks also give this tyre a wheel which is operated by the passengers, which can further injure them. 

4. The log flume ride: 

Most dangerous theme park rides

These are the most common rides in every amusement park, and it is one of the most dangerous theme park rides as there are no seat belts in this ride. The ride goes at a fast speed from up to down and then plunges into the water. There have been several incidents on this ride and safety measures should be taken before getting into one. 

5. Go-karts: 

Horrifying Amusement Park

The go-karting rides are very famous and common in every theme park, but the only problem is that there is no protection in these rides, which makes them dangerous also. There is no protection for the arms, head or the legs, and it can cause injuries