Thailand is known for the various types of Ping Pong bars that it has in different areas. It is a form of entertainment that takes place in strip clubs in Thailand. Usually, the most used object in the Thailand ping pong bars is the small ping pong balls. The shows involve women, and there have been many controversies regarding this issue, but Thailand continues to play these shows. These shows have been going on in Thailand for a very long time, and a lot of tourists come to visit Thailand for these shows. The local people of Thailand also sometimes go to visit these bars and know more about these shows. 

Thailand Ping Pong bars

The women use their bodies to perform little dances and act in front of the customers. There are a lot of places and bars in Thailand where you can see these shows. There are bars where you can buy drinks, sit and relax while enjoying the ping pong shows. 

All these bars have their own hidden stories and of the workers who are doing these shows. Usually, girls who are around 11 to 14 years old come to Bangkok to take part in these shows because of the financial pressure that they have in their lives. They find this as a way to earn more money and pay for their needs. These shows help them in making large amounts of money which they either send back at home or use for their own needs. All the women working in these bars or shows are usually volunteering with their wishes, and nobody forces them to do so. 

As long as the women are working with their own choice, no one can point fingers on them saying it’s not what they should be doing. These bars have their policies, and they make sure that the women working there are safe and sound. 

Thailand Ping Pong bars

These ping pong shows in the bar include a lot of things like women using ribbons, long strings, cotton, and many other things. They perform various activities in front of the guests sitting there to entertain them and then some of them even get to perform the activities individually. 

Even though such shows and bars are prohibited in Bangkok, the demand from tourists and corruption leads to them still working. These bars are like usual bars, but the only difference is that after some time, the ping pong shows start taking place in these bars and tourists start coming in for the show. The drinks are pricey in some bars because of the number of people who visit the place, but it is important to have a glass in your hand if you want to witness the shows. 

Thailand Ping Pong bars

Usually, these ping pong bars are located in the Patpong, walking street in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and many other places. Some of these bars also charge entry fees to the people coming in, but most of them are free of cost if you are going in and ordering something to drink