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Summer is halfway gone, but the sun is still shining, and there are so many places that you can look forward to

Wales is a wonderful place with lush countryside, greenery, and a lot of scenic views.

It is one of the best places to go on vacation and enjoy every moment spent there.

It’s time to grab your sunglasses, hats, and vacation shoes on.

Here are ten perfect places to visit in Wales:

1 Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: nationalgeographic

A lot of people are willing to travel all the way to Wales for the dramatic views of the surroundings.

Brecon Beacons National Park is one of the perfect places to visit in Wales, and it is located in South Wales.

The national park is covered in around 520 square miles and has amazing views all around the area.

You can just walk around with your camera in your hand and enjoy the mesmerizing view around.

2 Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: beckythetraveller

Pembrokeshire is known for its beautiful view, beaches, islands, and wildlife around.

The whole family can have fun outside and enjoy the wonderful view while having a picnic together and enjoy the view around.

The surroundings have a lot of rocks and beaches around.

3 Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire:

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: en.wikipedia

Barafundle Bay is one of the perfect places to visit in Wales because it has a lot of beaches where you can always go for a quick dip and enjoy your outing.

What better way to have fun in the sun other than chilling on the beach in perfect clothes and enjoying the view.
The view is really picturesque as it has a lot of trees in the surroundings, which makes the area lush.

You can always escape the busy world outside and enjoy the view in Barafundle' sway with your family.

4 Portmeirion, Gwynedd:

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: loveexploring

If you ever want to go visit a storybook town, then Portmeirion is one of the best ways to visit.

It is a beautiful village with lots of trees, greenery, an ornament garden in the center, and lots of scenic views.

There are a lot of spots where you can sit and enjoy your time around in the village and also go for a walk to see the ornaments placed in the village.

5 Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey:

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: delveintoeurope

It is one of the perfect places to visit in Wales if you are searching for a romantic spot with amazing scenery around.

You can always relax and escape the reality of everyday life at this scenic and beautiful spot.

After relaxing, you can also sit by the beach during the evening and enjoy the amazing view with a sunset.

There are a lot of hills which surround the place so you can always take a great nature walk around the place.

6 Devil’s Bridge Falls, Ceredigion:

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: britainexpress.

The Devil’s Bridge Falls is located in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains, and it has a very mesmerizing waterfall coming down from the mountains.

The waterfall is the main attraction at the place, and it is surrounded by mesmerizing and scenic views.

Keep in mind that you need to carry your walking boots around here with you because it is going to be a long walk
up the hill and around the place. It has a breathtaking view, and you will have a relaxing time with your family here.

7 Tenby Harbour, Pembrokeshire:

source: airbnb

Tenby Harbour is one of the perfect places to visit in Wales.

The town is filled with beautiful pastel houses, boating harbor, and amazing beaches.

The pastel houses make the town really colorful, which adds to more beauty with the amazing scenery around the place.
The young kids can always have fun around the beach and splash water on each other.

You can always go down to the harbor to have a good time with your family and also go for boating.

8 Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula:

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: visitswanseabay

The Three Cliffs Bay is surrounded by amazing limestone cliffs, sand dunes, salt marsh, Three Cliff Bay, which is worth the view.

The views around the cliffs are amazing, and you can always look at the picturesque view.

The walks around the cliffs are not for the faint-hearted people.

The cliffs are visited a lot by horses and the riders along the beaches' amazing golden stretches.

9 Bodnant Gardens, Conway

source: walesonline

The Bodnant Gardens have a fantastic view all around the place.

There are beautiful flowers and lots of greenery around the place.

You can bring the family and enjoy the full forest view around the place or take an amazing walk around the waterfall.

It is a perfect place to visit in Wales, and you can click amazing scenic pictures which are surrounded by the place.
There are a lot of beautiful things to explore all around the place, and you can always take a long walk with your loved ones or family members to enjoy the great day.

10 Swiss Valley Trail, Llanelli

Perfect places to visit in Wales
source: sustrans

It is a very great place to go out cycling and bike rides.

The place is surrounded by water bodies, greenery, and a lot of parks which make it a beautiful spot for a picnic.

You can go to the place and sit there for a while and enjoy the mesmerizing view around the area.

The trail offers a lot of opportunities to go for a walk, cycling, and treks.

These are all the most perfect places to visit in Wales, and all of these places are beautiful
and scenic.

You can always take a break from daily life and go out to these nearby places to relax a little and enjoy the scenic view around the place.