India is a country with a lot of heritage. The country which is known for its unique culture, as well as style of living, has been known as one of the most mysterious destinations across the world.

Various mysterious stories about kings, queens, and their battles are told by the elderly in this nation.

Top 10 locations which are known to be haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings such demons:

1. Tunnel 33, Shimla

Most Haunted Places in India
Source: Tripoto

Shimla is known to be one of the most beautiful locations in the country. This place which belongs to the state of Himachal Pradesh has been known to be the source of numerous haunted stories as well as myths.

One famous story is of tunnel number 33 located in Shimla. This tunnel is known to be haunted by the ghost of a British Engineer named Colonel Barog. However, this ghost is known to be a friendly one.

2. GP Block, Meerut

Most Haunted Places in India
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GP Block is known to be one of the famous locations for various paranormal activities. This area located in the state of UP has been known to be the home of the ghost of girls as well as boys.

People have reported strange sightings, and some say that during the night time, four males sit together and enjoy alcohol in the light of a single candle.

3. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Source: Surat

This famous beach located in the state of Gujarat is famous for its black sand as well as other mystical activities.

This place was utilized as a burning ghat at one point of time and today people taking an early morning over this area report hearing strange screams and cries.

If people are to be believed than numerous people have lost their lives while exploring this place.

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Most Haunted Places in India
Source: Delhi Tourism

This location which is present right in the heart of the capital of India is believed to have taken numerous lives. Constructed in the 14th century by Maharaja Agrasen it was once filled with black water.

This baoli which is now completely dry has been known to call people mysteriously and ask them to give up their lives. Some people even say that this baoli tends to hypnotize people and then make them sacrifice their lives.

5. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Source: Hyderabad Tourism

One of the largest film cities in the world, Ramji Film City, can easily be a dream location for any film-maker. However, due to numerous paranormal activities around this area, this location is rarely used by any film-maker.

Many believe that this location was built in an area where a dreadful battle had taken place, and hence numerous people died.

People have experienced strange behaviors such as light men falling off strangely and having serious injuries, washroom doors being thumped by someone unseen, etc.

Females are more targeted, and actresses have reported an incident of their clothes being torn off by something unnatural.

 6. Malcha Mahal, Delhi

Most Haunted Places in India
Source: Binj

This place which is situated right behind the Delhi Earth Station is known to be awfully scary. This restricted part behind the Buddha Garden has also been known as the Bistdari Mahal. This place was given to Begum Wilayat Mahal’s granddaughter of Nawaz of Oudh upon her protest.

After the grant of possession, she resided at this place with two of her children namely Prince Riaz and Princess Shakina. Soon one day, the Begum committed suicide by eating crushed diamonds and her dead body was kept 10 days as it is on a table.

Before finally burying it, both her children slept with the dead body. Since the day, Princess Shakina has been known to wear a black dress.

7. Shaniwarda Fort, Pune

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Shaniwarda fort is a beautiful fort located in the state of Maharashtra. This monument which was built in the year 1746 was the main fort of the ruler in Maharashtra before it was surrendered to the British in the year 1818.

This fort has witnessed numerous spooky incidents and it is believed that a young prince was killed at the age of 13 in this fort. People have reported listening to noises as well as shrieking during the night time.

8. Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Most Haunted Places in India
Source: HuffPost India

Feroz Shah Kotla was once known as the glory of the Tughlaq’s city called Ferozabad. This in recent times has become one of the haunted places, and you won’t be able to see many tourists around here.

Feroz Shah Kotla has become a mysterious place that is known to be the dwelling place of djinns. IF people are to be believed, then this place is visited by the fairies and numerous suicides have also happened.

9. Dow Hill, West Bengal

Source: Mysteriesunsolved

Kurseong is one of the popular hill station located in the country. However, this place becomes much of a haunted place in the month of December to March.

This place which is not particularly a common location is definitely one of the scariest places you would find. People are scared to cross the dense forest located on the hills and report seeing a headless body running around the forest and then disappearing into the woods.

10. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Rajasthan

Most Haunted Places in India
Source: Patrika

This 178-year-old palace was converted into a heritage hotel in the year 1980. This place is known to be a haunted destination with the ghost of Major Burton residing in it.

Major Burton was known to be killed along with his two sons by Indian sepoys. However, this ghost is known to be a friendly one.

So, these are our top 10 scariest places in India which would definitely keep you on your toes.