Ghost Sightings, as well as other ghost stories, are common across numerous hotels. Some people report having seen ghosts while the others are just left disappointed in the endeavor to see one.

However, numerous movies made on this concept have proved to be a hit, and people really in their lives visit these places to spot a ghost.

You never know that you might be one of the people who are sharing a room with the prisoners of WWII. Intrigued?

Well here is the list of top 10 hotels which have been known to have something paranormal going on:

1. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

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Source: Agoda

This hotel located in Estes Park has been known to be filled with numerous paranormal activities since the year 1970. People believe that this hotel is haunted by the ghosts of the hotel owner namely F.O. Stanley and Flora Stanley.

People have reported seeing both of them playing billiards or sometimes playing the piano. This hotel is known to offer ghost tours with a psychic assigned and plays the Jack Nicholson thriller “The Shining” continuously on the loop.

Guests are allowed to stay at one of the many so-called “haunted room.”

2. Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

haunted hotels
Source: Fodors Travel Guide

This giant hotel which was opened in the year 1827 as a venue for ballroom dance was later acquired by sisters belong to the Holy Family to be used as a school, ward, convent, etc. However during this time, the yellow fever epidemic spread, and this lead to the deaths of numerous children.

Since people say that strange voices of children, as well as nuns, can be heard. Some say the sounds of someone dancing can also be witnessed over here. In case you visit New Orleans then you should definitely try and book a Ghosts & Spirits Walking tour.

3. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

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Located in the neo-Gothic location and famous for its paranormal activities this 177 room boutique is located in one of the downtown locations opposite to Alamo. Once this location used to be a medical center and had a morgue as well as a psychiatric ward within it

Numerous reports of noises as well as being touched were common in this location. Also, if you want to increase your odds of spotting a paranormal activity then try booking a room across the ninth, seventh, and eleventh floor.

4. Omni Parker House, Boston

haunted hotels
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Saturated with history, loaded down with apparition legend, and overflowing with old-world greatness, the shockingly cheap priced Omni Parker House is the spot to stay for an essence of Boston’s artistic and political past.

This inn was opened in 1855 and was controlled by the founder Harvey Parker until his passing in 1884. Numerous visitors have reported seeing him in their visitor rooms, where he asks them for their comfortable stay.

As soon as a businessman died in the room, no 303 of this hotel people started reporting cases of hearing laughter as well as the smell of whiskey.

5. Langham Hotel, London

Source: TravelPulse

One of the oldest hotels located in London, the Langham hotel has been known to be established in the year 1865 as one of the first luxury hotels in the area. This hotel is now days used extensively by numerous celebrities, royal guest as well as ghosts.

People have reported seeing numerous German soldiers, a doctor who killed his wife on their honeymoon as well as the ghost of Napoleon 3 who used to live in Langham in his exile days.

Room Number 333 is the room with the most paranormal activity and is available for any brave heart to book and reside.

6. The Southern Mansion, Cape May

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Source: The Southern Mansion

Belonging initially to the Philadelphia industrialist George Allen and his family, The Southern Mansion was constructed in the year 1863. At the point when the last known Allen’s relatives, Ester Mercur, passed away, her husband sold the property.

It was later purchased and re-established to its previous radiance, using a considerable lot of the first design components and treasures. It’s said that Ester, Allen’s niece, can regularly be seen all through the property — especially in the kitchen.

Staff will tell visitors all the stories connected with the inn upon gentle request.

7. Audubon Cottages, New Orleans

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Constructed in the late eighteenth century and named after the naturalist John James Audubon, these cottages have stood through some tough times with the help of constant renovation as well as upkeep. In the same way as other memorable properties, it’s said to have a spooky history.

Cottage number fours, as well as cottage number two, are as far as anyone knows the ones with regular paranormal movement. Immaterial voices and the sentiment of being touched are some of the very common events being witnessed over here.

Bungalow number four is known to contain the ghost of a soldier who makes sure that country music is only being played on the radio.

8. The Marshall House, Savannah

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Source: Marshallhouse

Constructed in the year 1851, this 68 room hotel is said to have accommodated Union soldiers during the time of the Civil War. People happen to see their spirits being walking down the hallway.

This hotel was used three times as a hospital- one time for the Union soldiers, while the other two times for the treatment of yellow fever patients. During renovations, several bodies were found in the ground which was frozen, and nothing could be buried under.

People have reported hearing numerous noises as well as taps being turned on automatically.

9. The Hay-Adams, Washington D.C.

Source: BadwolfDC

One of the most decorated hotels in the country of USA; The Hay-Adams has hosted ceremonies of numerous government officials, including the Obamas before initiation.

In 1884, two friends John Hay (Abraham Lincoln’s private secretary and later a Secretary of State) and Henry Adams (the creator, and relative of John Quincy) fabricated their homes on the plot of the area where the lodging now sits.

In 1927, nine years after Adams’ passing, the houses were bulldozed and supplanted by the inn that stands today. Adams’ better half, Marian Hooper Adams, committed suicide on the site in 1885, and her soul has been known to haunt the lodging.

Visitors and staff say they can hear a lady crying delicately, free voices, and entryways opening and shutting all alone.

10. Hotel Sorrento, Seattle

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Source: The Business Journals

This inn which was built in the late 20th century is a beautiful boutique property located in Seattle. This property is told to be haunted by the ghost of Alice B. Toklas a woman who is known for the invention of pot brownies. People have reported seeing her walking down the hallway especially near room no 408.

They have reported incidents of their drinks being moved across the Dunbar room. In order to pay homage to Ms. Toklas, the hotel has a drink named for her name which includes absinthe, chamomile, lemon juice, and honey.

So, these were the top 10 locations with some of the most intriguing stories. There are many more locations available across the world; however, these are the ones that are widely known.