There is nothing better than spending quality time on the beaches when you are on vacation. There is nothing better than spending time in the sun, with your hats on, breezy air and the sound of waves. Cuba is a country in the Caribbean, and it is known for its amazing beaches. Cuba has beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear water which gives it a stunning view and makes it an attraction for the tourists. All the best beaches in Cuba have a lot of entertaining activities for tourists. There are plenty of parties hosted on the beaches, and people love to enjoy concerts all night long on the beaches. Cuba has the most magical beaches located in Florida. 

Some of the best beaches in Cuba are: 

1. Playa Larga: 

Best beaches in Cuba

The Playa Larga beach is known for its white sand and fantastic restaurants all around it. The beach is only accessible to the people living in private houses in the area as there are no hotels nearby. It is the perfect beach to chill and have amazing fish dishes in the restaurants. You can sit all day long and enjoy the sunset on the beach with a cold mojito in hand. 

2. Playa Paraiso: 

The Playa Paraiso beach is one of the best beaches in Cuba, and it is known as a paradise because it is so stunning. In 2016, it was voted as the third most beautiful beach in the world. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is super clean and white on this beach. It is a perfect vacation spot away from all the chaos of the city, and you can chill on the beach all day long. There are no hotels in the area, so you have to travel by cab, jeep or other vehicles to reach the beach. 

3. Playa Los Flamencos: 

Best beaches in Cuba

It is one of the best beaches in Cuba and also a very lavish one. The beach is also called Cayo Coco Beach, and it is located in the central part of Cuba. It is named Coco after the white ibis bird. It is a very dreamy beach with white sand and sparkling clear water. The beach is located on an island that has its own private airport, and it makes traveling easier for tourists. 

4. Cayo Santa Maria: 

You have to do a little trek to reach the Cayo Santa Maria beach, but the view is worth it because of the soft white sand and the amazingly clear water. It is an absolutely picturesque beach with an amazing view all around it. The water is so smooth that you can relax on the beach all day long and enjoy every moment of it. 

5. Playa Guardalavaca:

Best beaches in Cuba

Playa Guardalavaca is also listed as one of the best beaches in Cuba because of the serene view that the beach has to offer. The beach is full of palm trees all around with white sand and crystal blue water. You can go snorkeling in the water, and the beach has a lot more to offer. 

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