Lockdown has been harsh on everyone, as nobody is able to step out and travel during the summers this time.

There are a lot of places that people visit like aquariums, zoos, museums, which are all closed because of the pandemic, but the best part is that the museums are open online for people who want to take the tour around these places.

Here are five museums you can visit online during the pandemic:

British Museum, London:

museums you can visit online
sourceL: inexhibit

Who hasn’t heard about this famous museum in London?

London has always had a rich heritage, and there is a lot of history that the place holds, and all this is safely kept in this museum.

The museum is also working with Google Arts & Culture and other 2,000 leading institutes with it where they allow you to take a very interactive tour around the museum.

You can take a walk through this museum and enjoy the artistic journey around the museum.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam:

museums you can visit online
source: arcadis

The famous museum in Amsterdam is gorgeous from the outside itself and has amazing things to discover inside the museum too.

It is one of the most unusual museums that you can visit online and discover the different things around the place. The place is filled with Dutch Golden Age artwork and culture.

Google gives this experience of going around the place and enjoying the history of the olden days.

Even if the museum is closed to visitors, you can always have experience through the online site.

Le Musée du Louvre, Paris:

source: sortiraparis

Paris is a very dreamy city, and the Le Musee du Louvre museum is the best spot in the city.

It is the most famous museum in the world, and the exterior of this museum is designed as a big glass pyramid that glows at night. The museum closed its door during the lockdown, but you can visit this museum online.

There are various art collections and amazing things to discover in this museum.

Guggenheim, New York:

museums you can visit online
source: architecturaldigest

Guggenheim is an iconic museum in New York, and it is one of those museums that you can visit online even during this lockdown.

The exterior of this museum is fantastic, and you can explore a lot of art, culture, and historic things in the museum.

It is a must-visit if you are ever in New York or if you live there. You will find out about amazing things.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence:

museums you can visit online
source: theculturetrip

Florence is a beautiful place, and the Uffizi Gallery is a must-visit.

There are various paintings and different artworks in this place which are fun to explore.

You can go around the place and see a lot of different things.

The best part is that it is one of the museums that you visit online right now and get a tour of the place nicely.

You will get to see a lot of details around the place.