Christmas is the most exciting and magical time of the year, and there is so much that you get to do during the festive season. From going to see the Christmas markets to drinking hot chocolate while experiencing the snow. The cities are lit up with lights and decorations for the festive vibes. Every town in Europe looks so bright during this time of the year. Here are some magical places that you should go to for Christmas in Europe:

Colmar, France:

Christmas in Europe

Colmar has become a hot spot for travellers in the last few years. The town is getting different attention after a while. It is known as the largest town in Alsace and is a great destination to go to. During Christmas time, the place is lit, and the town is celebrating the festive season like no other. There are five Christmas markets which you can visit in Colmar, and these markets are operational from November 19 to December 20.

  • Near the Cathedral at the Place de Dominicans.
  • The indoor market in the Koifhus.
  • The Petit Venice area.
  • Next to Koifhus at the Place de l’ancienne Douane.
  • Tailored for foodies at the Place Jeanne d’Arc.

Freiburg, German Christmas in Europe:

Freiburg is the biggest town on the list, and it should be considered a city instead. Freiburg is located in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, which is at the edge of the Black Forest. The Black Forest has been the inspiration for many fairy tales, and so has this town. It gets magical around in the region during Christmas times, and here are some big Christmas markets that you can visit:

  • The Kartoffelmarkt
  • The Franziskanerstraße
  • The Rathausplatz
  • The shadow of Freiburger Munster

Rothenburg, Germany:

Christmas in Europe

There is nothing like Rothenburg when compared to the scenic views and amazing vibes. Rothenburg is known as the most recommended destination for celebrating Christmas. It is a small town, but the old aesthetic will surprise you. There were portions of this town that were bombed in World War II, but major parts of the city were saved from destruction. Christmas is considered a big thing in the town, and that’s why it is so lively during the festive time. There are Christmas markets, museums, and a lot of other places that you can visit.

Vienna, Austria for Christmas in Europe :

If you are planning and thinking of celebrating Christmas in Europe, then do not miss the celebration in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the biggest cities which gets super pretty during the festive season. There are 14 Christmas markets that take place in the city every year, and it is a great idea to visit the place. You can check out the local art, enjoy the local food, sip mulled wine, explore the Christmas markets, and do many more things. All the fourteen markets are in different places, which also allows you to explore the regions around the market.

Prague, Czech Republic:

Christmas in Europe

Prague is hands down one of the prettiest cities, and during Christmas times, it gets prettier. There are so many fun and cool things to explore around Prague, and Christmas markets are also included in the list. There is a massive tree that is placed in the centre of the city, and there are Christmas huts all around the place which sell delicious food and mulled wine to the travellers and visitors. If you are going for Christmas in Europe, then Prague should definitely be on the top of your list because the city is magnificent.

Roros, Norway:

Norway is known for so many things like the northern lights, the vibes, snow, places to visit, and it is also known as the best destination to celebrate Christmas in Europe. It is also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Christmas markets are very happening in the region. It is the snowy wonderland that is decorated with Christmas decorations, and the place will give you the best festive vibes. The Christmas market takes place in between the city, which is full of colourful and wooden buildings. You can go for horse or sledge rides, and it is also one of the places which can be fun for children.

Eguisheim, France for Christmas in Europe:

Christmas in Europe

The town is beautiful and surrounded by mountains, which creates a different vibe altogether. There are so many things that you can discover in the town and enjoy the Christmas celebrations around. You can go for wine tasting or Christmas activities. The Christmas market also runs on a daily basis from November to December.