The best experience that you can have in Norway is staying in one of the beautiful ice hotels. The ice hotels have many things built during the season, and it also has nice parks that are super fun. Everyone wants to have an experience that will stand out and give them fun memories; staying in the ice hotel is one of them. Here is a list of ice hotels in Norway and why you should stay in one: 

  • Snowhotel Kirkenes: 

Snowhotel Kirkenes is located in Bjornevatn in Norway, and it is open throughout the year. The hotel has two kinds of accommodations: getting outdoor Gamme Cabins or on the property rooms at the hotel itself. The hotel opened in the year 2006, and it had eight rooms with an amazing ice bar. The whole place is made out of ice and snow, which makes it worth the visit. You can spend your night in a beautiful igloo which is an experience you want to have when you are traveling to Norway. During the springtime, the ice melts back into the fjord. All the eight rooms in the hotel have different themes, making them different from the other hotels. Even though the temperature is -4 degrees Celsius, it’s still nice to sleep in there because of the thermal beds that the rooms have. Staying in the cabins is also going to give you a different experience because of the surroundings. 

  • Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel: 

Ice hotels in Norway

The hotel is located in Alta, Norway, and is open during the winter season from 20th December to 7th April. The first ice hotel in Norway was Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, and it was open for travelers during the year 2000. The hotel has 26 bedrooms and four amazing suites, an on-site restaurant, an ice bar, and an ice chapel. You can do various activities like reindeer and Sami experiences, dog sledding, ice sculpting, snowmobile, safaris, and northern lights safaris in the hotel to enjoy your stay. Every year the theme at the hotel changes, which makes it different for all the travelers. 

  • Tromso Ice Domes: 

The hotel is located in Tamok valley, Tromso, Norway, and is open from 10th December to 31st March. It is not just a place to sleep, but you can get the amazing Norwegian experience here. There are ice domes in the hotel, which have an ice bar, ice cinema, and bedrooms completely made out of ice and an ice restaurant. The aesthetic of this hotel is amazing, from the lights to the decor of the place. You will also get a polar sleeping bag at night for comfortable, good night’s sleep. This is one place from where you will be able to see the northern lights easily and also the light pollution is not so much which makes it even more visible. 

  • Hunderfossen Vinterpark: 

Ice hotels in Norway

Hunderfossen Vinterpark is located in Faberg, Norway, and it is open usually during February. The hotel is situated in the center of the Winter Park and between the popular attractions in the place. Ice artists come in to do the ice sculpture and make up the hotel, and the interior design keeps changing annually, which is something to experience. There are sleeping bags provided for warm and comfortable sleep because the temperature inside the hotel is -5 degrees. It is one of the most amazing ice hotels in Norway if you are in the southernmost part. 

Things you can expect from the ice hotel: 

Ice hotels in Norway

Are these hotels open all year round? 

The openings depend on the hotels, and there is only one open year-round hotel as listed above. The other hotels depend on the temperature and weather in the area. 

How do you sleep? 

The ice hotels will provide warm sleeping bags to you so that you are comfortable sleeping in low temperatures. Some hotels will also provide reindeer skin in order to protect you from the cold temperature. 

How are the bathrooms made? 

The bathrooms in these hotels aren’t made of ice, and they are made in the common area, which is heated. 

Where can you charge your electronics? 

When it comes to ice hotels in Norway, you will only be staying in for sleep, but otherwise, you can be in the common area, which is warm and cozy. You can charge all your electronics there and have access to wi-fi also.