There is a growing concern in Wuhan regarding the coronavirus outbreak that started from there and is now spread worldwide. The death roll in Wuhan reached 132, and it is increasing with every passing day.

There are many cases that are coming in the light, and cities are going under lockdown so that it doesn’t spread more. Everyone has one simple question in their mind is it safe to travel to china?

What is coronavirus?

Safe to travel to China
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The main question in everyone’s mind is, what exactly is the coronavirus, and how fast does it spread? Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can show up in a person as the following symptoms cold, fever, cough, headache, and much more.

A person who has contracted the virus can also have the condition of Severe Acute Respiratory Symptoms, also known as SARS.

The virus has spiked coming out of its membranes, helping the virus attach itself to some cells in the body. If the virus attaches itself to the lungs, then it can cause severe respiratory problems for the patients.

There are some people whose bodies are immune to the virus because of the antibodies that they have.
The virus can be easily spread amongst people and animals. It is important to take care of the immune system till it becomes safe to travel to china again.

How do people contract the coronavirus?

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The virus can spread through human to human contact or touching a surface that the patient has already touched. It is easy for the virus to spread even before the symptoms appear in the person. The Chinese authorities have also said that the carrier won’t realize spreading the virus to other people.

How did the coronavirus start?

Safe to travel to China
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The virus was first noticed during December in Wuhan, and the Chinese authorities are trying to find the cause and cure for it since then. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that it started because of the seafood in Wuhan.

What is the World Health Organization saying?

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that it has become a world emergency right
now. It is important for people to stay safe and not stay in touch with the people who have a
slight cough or cold.

The disease has now spread all over the world, and it has been declared as the Pandemic, which is making everyone sit in their houses with the lockdown.

The cases for coronavirus are rising every day, and people are getting affected because of it. It is essential to understand that traveling in such situations is not needed.

Even if you are deciding to go to China, then cancel your plans until the time there is a vaccine for this disease or till the time things get normal around in the world.

Make sure that whenever you step out of the house for any work, then you have your masks on, gloves, and proper protection and also do not touch any surfaces.

Though the world is going through the lockdown times, it is important to take care of the immune system. Once it is safe to travel to china again then you will be notified.


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