Travelling with a big group means to explore the world with the people you admire. But, travelling in a group means each person will have a different opinion with regard to the itinerary which can lead to fights and so on. It is better to find a way out for everyone’s opinions to be considered and that is where leadership takes place. You can always appoint a Travel Leader in such cases. 

Importance and Work of a Travel Leader

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group

It is a primary step to do when you are planning to travel in a big group. The travel leader finds a place where everyone’s opinions are considered and make sure that everyone is satisfied with the decision. Not only making decisions, but travel leader also ensures all your documents, travel insurance and that all the plans are synced.  This is your go-to person for your trip and will help you explore stress-free and save your precious time without even you knowing about it. 

Taking Care of everyone’s Finances

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group


Eyeing each party’s financial status should be more important than throwing your opinions on others. As cool as a luxury flight or a five-star hotel might sound, it might not be practicable with those travelling with you. 

The Great Joy of travelling in a Group

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group

There is no greater joy than travelling with your loved ones. You get to cherish your bonds, relive some old memories and long-lot days. Time flies so fast and you wouldn’t even realize when you’ll come to the last day of your trip. Irrespective of any internal disliking for someone in the group might also vanish away with the time you’ll spend in the trip.

Benefits of travelling in a group

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group


There are ample of benefits while travelling in a group which is not only restricted to the fun that you will have in a group but also a good place to stay. You can rent a big house to stay with your group and enjoy the night time by playing games, jam around and have fun. 

Keep the voting rule



This is about being democratic and listening to each member’s choice of place. For example, you are 15 people in a group and you planned a trip for a week. Now having each member’s one must-see place or a must-do activity and then applying the voting rule will help select the majority’s choice. You can also divide up into small group depending upon the attractive spots you wish to visit primarily. This will also help avoid anyone to stay grounded to a particular decision. 



Travelling in a big squad comes with its own fair share of problems but it has its own benefits at the same time. There’s always an experience that you need to witness at least once in a lifetime. It’s always fun exploring the world with your favourite bunch of people which will also help you to socialize better in the long run.