Hotels and Airbnb both follow quite similar guidelines but have different factors that distinguish them from each other. Let’s get a detailed understanding of the two.

An Overview of Hotels

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Rents and living expenses are relatively higher in major cities. Hotels serve as a good factor for renting at the premium location into their prices. However, hotels maintain a regular chain of their pricing schemes that can meet the demand of each customer.

In addition, hotels provide 24/7 check-in, housekeeping, toiletries and many more services. All of the amenities of a hotel comes from compromising with pricing and mostly depended upon the location of your stay on the trip.

An Overview of Airbnb

Hotels vs Airbnb

The business model of Airbnb focuses on a marketplace where hosts and guests are there for money and exchange housing for the same. Throughout the process, both hosts and guests can find reviews and social media connections to bring an adequate amount of trust amongst online users.

Also, due to the updates in the digital world, users can dictate their experiences which can affect future customers. Airbnb also provides a platform for peer-to-peer exchanges where the prices of lodging, offered by hosts are not directly affected. 

Both, Hotels vs Airbnb comes with its welfares. 

Below are the reasons for choosing Hotels over Airbnb and vice-versa.  

Top Reasons to choose Hotels over Airbnb

Hotels vs Airbnb

  1. Facilities and instant services are at hand in hotels and if in case, there is some issue, you are just a call away from help.
  2. Hotels are purposely located in areas where you can enjoy sightseeing, attend business meetings and where you can find cafes, bars and restaurants.
  3. Hotels serve you better when it comes to travelling with children because you will always have kids’ club services in your hand.  
  4. Hotels make sure that everything is on its place and provide you with the best comfort facilities and work on maintaining that.
  5. Everything stands promised and guaranteed with hotels and you always get your required ambience as soon as you walk into the hotel.

Top Reasons to choose Airbnb over Hotels

Hotels vs Airbnb

  1. Airbnb allows you to rent an entire home. Or maybe, a room in a shared space where you have to pay as per the no. of nights and not by per person.
  2. Airbnb serves a lot better in case of travelling with big groups.
  3. It provides a lot more freedom than any other place. It is a place where you can cook your food in a full-stocked kitchen when living in a home. You have all the freedom to relax and have a great time in a group.
  4. Although you don’t have readily available facilities and services like housekeeping, at the same time, it also never provides a turndown service which results in a lower price than hotels most of the times.
  5. Airbnb has a great amount of database for places to stay from getting a house rented to a beachside house in the Maldives to tree-house in Brazil. They are pretty much everywhere.


Your ideas and top picks for staying in a Hotel or Airbnb are entirely different every time you travel. But there has to be a selection where both of them provide their benefits according to your circumstances. You can always plan a better stay for yourself.