Kyushu is the third largest island in Japan, and there are a lot of active volcanoes on the

As the place has a lot of seismic activity, which means that there are many hot
springs everywhere in the area.

There are hot springs that are prized for the medicinal properties, which offer treatments for poor blood circulation, anaemia, and many more things.

The natural hot springs can be very therapeutic.

Here are some of the hot springs in Japan:

1 Beppu:

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The town Beppu is in between steep mountains and everyday gets the 130 million trillion hot
water supply because of the 2,909 volcanic vents nearby.

The volcanic vents create fumes and steam, which makes it seem like the town on fire.

The city has a lot of restaurants and amazing hot springs which give a totally different experience if you want to relax around.

The best experience you can have here is the traditional sand bath where you need to lie down in
a pit, and the staff will cover you with sand that is warmed by the hot spring water.

You will be buried till your neck and won’t be able to move for the next 15 minutes, which will sweat
you out completely, and then they will dig you out and thoroughly shower off the sand from
your body.

It is a very known tradition there, and you can always go for it while visiting the
hot springs in Japan.

2 Mount Aso:

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Mount Aso is surrounded by a lot of mountains and lush greens and yellow grasslands,
which are beautiful.

The Daikanbo is on the edge of Mount Aso, which is the original volcanic
crater, and it is 25 km wide with a cluster of villages and rice fields.

You can see the smoke on the mountains' peak, and that was where the last eruption happened.

3 Kurokawa Onsen:

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The village Kurokawa Onsen has the least development, and it is situated in the forested
valley with the river that is constantly running in between.

There are a lot of trees surrounded by hot springs, and the natural colours dominate the scenic view.

You will see a lot of amazing colours of trees surrounded by the hot spring while the river is flowing from the
betweens, which makes it look wonderful.

There are small footbridges on the sides of the river with a bath that is open air.

You can see gorgeous maple and bamboo trees which are surrounded by the river.

It is one of those hot springs in Japan where you can enjoy the sound of the river, the chirping of birds, and an amazing scenic view that is surrounded around the area.

The water temperature in this hot spring is around 40 degrees, and it is excellent to take a bath naked in the hot spring.

It is the ultimate experience to take, and the hot springs in Japan are totally worth it.