Have you ever heard before about the highest roads in the world? If you are a mountain person who loves traveling to the peaks, exploring the undiscovered, then this is the right platform for you to discover more. The highest roads are situated at the highest altitudes in the world. The location of the mountains makes them unique places to experience the adventure. It seems thrilling to know about these untaken roads, but it is difficult to climb them.  In this article, get ready to experience the adventure of the highest roads. The following are the names of the world’s most top roads.

•    Chamkang


Chamkang is probably the highest mountain pass in the world. It is located on the Indo-China boundary with an elevation of  5.953 m above the sea level. The region of Aksai Chin is a very disputed region because of the territorial conflict between India and China. The Chamkang pass in the Aksai Chin region is prone to high winds. The temperature here is very unpredictable. When passing through this route, be careful with the weather. Even in summers temperature here goes cold and at the time of winters, survival becomes tuff because of the adverse conditions. Traveling to this area can make you sick because of the high altitudes. People who have breathing problems are not recommended to visit such steep roads.

•    Ojos Del Salado

Ojos Del Salado is the highest strato-volcano on the earth. It is also said that this volcano is the highest point in the world accessible by cars. The route to this mountain is very rough, so it is suggested to be careful while driving on the roads of this mountain. The climatic condition here is arid with very little snowfall. Ojos Del Salado has the highest lake in the world with a diameter of 100 meters and a depth of 6,390 meters. Many riders and drivers attained the record to aboard their vehicles on the highest road here at Ojos Del Salado.

•    Refugio Tejos

It is the mountain pass, which is situated on the Argentina- Chile border. It is famous as one of the highest roads in the world with an altitude of 5,800 m above sea level. It is nearly impossible to climb up the mountain as because of the high altitudes it is impossible to breathe. With the terrible climatic conditions, the pass is challenging to survive.  Due to the snowfalls in this area, it is precarious to drive through the deadly path, especially at the time of winters. Likewise, in Cham king, climatic conditions here also very unpredictable and terrible.

•    Lajiong La

Highest roads in the world

It falls under the category of the highest roads in the world. It is a high mountain pass situated in China with an altitude of 5.830 m. while passing through this mountain pass make sure that you are prepared confidently because the roads here are pebbly, not paved, rough and gravelly. Driving on this road is not less than an adventure, especially in winters when the cold winds blow, making it impossible to get through it.

•    Volcan Tacora

It is the stratovolcano,  of the elevation of 5.980 m above the sea level located in Chile. It is situated in the northern side of Chile adjacent to Peru. 

•    Jang Rang La 

This mountain pass is found to be at 5,793 m above the sea level, with the adverse breathing conditions. This pass is considered to be one of the highest roads in the world that are situated in the area of Tibet, China. The roads are not adequately maintained, and they are more pebbly and rough. The problem of breathing is a big problem here in the high altitudes bigger than the pebbly roads. The level of oxygen here is so low that people may get sick, and cars may cause difficulty while driving because of the low level of oxygen. Access to this mountain pass is difficult during winters because of the terrible weather.

•    Kungzhag La 

•    Umling La

It is located on the Indo-China border of Sikkim( India) and Tibet(China). It is a mountain situated at 5,780 m above sea level. The climatic conditions of this mountain peak get so worse in the winters that the route becomes inaccessible. It is impossible to pass the way from October until the winter gets over. The road here is also pebbly and gravel that makes it hard to pass it through. Before getting on this road, you should be prepared to face the challenges of short breathe and unpredictable adventures. An only 4×4 vehicle is suggested on this road. This road requires more skilled drivers and riders to pass it through. 

Highest roads in the world

It is located in the region of Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir with an altitude of  5,793 m above the sea level. The route of the pass is not paved and mostly remains gravel. The drivers driving on this 86 kilometers long road should be very careful as the ways are gravel almost of the time. While riding on this route you will not find any civilization here only the barren lands will be around you, so think before you take this road. As this road is on the high altitudes, breathing problems can occur quickly.  The temperature here also stays cold most of the time with the unpredictable changes in temperature. 

•    Bodpa La 

It is included in the list of one of the highest roads in the world located at the altitude of 5,767 m above the sea level. The Bodpa La is a very steep mountain range in the Tibet region of China. The mountain pass is nearly impossible to pass and climb due to the acute shortage of oxygen on the high altitudes. The route of this mountain becomes unlikely to pass in the winters. It is hard to climb this mountain by car because of the shortage of oxygen up there in the mountains. 

It gives immense joy and thrill to know about new un-discovered places to visit if you are planning to take these high roads, to be prepared beforehand to experience some unpredictable adventures.